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  1. erdavis

    Tortoise bit me

    Your finger probably resembled a carrot ?
  2. erdavis

    Sulcata - Found- Gainesville FL area.

    Anyone know which biologist got this tortoise? I really think it’s mine. Mine went missing just outside Gainesville near the Archer/Jonesville area a few months ago. He’s 9 years old and is about 12-13” wide. I messaged the guy a couple of hours ago but haven’t heard back yet.
  3. erdavis

    Help building outdoor winter box without power

    Hey guys, long time no post! My boyfriend and I recently moved across town to a much smaller property. We felt it was best for our 8 year old Sulcata to stay put at my sisters house until we find a more permanent place of living. At my sisters house he is free to roam in a small pasture but I...
  4. erdavis

    Tortoise ID tag

    Hey guys! I know there has been tons of threads talking about putting dog tags on tortoises. The one I’ve had on mine just recently fell off and upon searching on this forum to find out the best place to put it and the best epoxy to use I mostly found several threads where the idea was put down...
  5. erdavis

    Found tortoise in Gainesville, FL

    No not Oscar. It looks like he escaped on her lunch break but some spinach she put out since then has gone missing so she thinks he is still near
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    Found tortoise in Gainesville, FL

    I saw this posted on my city's pet finder facebook group and figured I would post it here as well! "Found a large tortoise near Glen Springs Elementary neighborhood. He's been hanging out for about a week. I have him contained in the yard for now. He is probably 15 to 18 inches. Also has a name...
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    Cactus Hedge

    Wait how do I upload pictures? It's saying I don't have permission?
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    Cactus Hedge

    I have been meaning to post a photo of this for a couple years now but never got around to it. I used to care for a lady that lived on this road and I was amazed by it every time I drove past. All my family and good friends know how crazy I am for Cactus, I'm known for stopping on the side of...
  9. erdavis

    Are these termites?

    I would say they are about 1-2 mm but I'm also bad at guessing stuff like that. I went out to try to take some more clear pictures and try to guess their size, but they are all gone. I couldn't even find one. I've lived in this town all my life but just recently moved and let me tell you it's...
  10. erdavis

    Are these termites?

    Hey guys! Turbos newest enclosure has only been up for a couple of months now and I just noticed a bunch of tiny bugs all over it. To be honest I couldn't tell you how long they've been there, I've never noticed them until about 10 minutes ago when I was out resting my arm on a piece of wood out...
  11. erdavis

    Sulcata vs. Squash Video :)

    IDK why but I LOVE this video of my Turbo eating a squash! Also, I think he might have flashed me for the first time EVER today! (or maybe he had a hernia... idk)
  12. erdavis

    Turbos new outdoor enclosure

    Sorry for the late reply now. But I have run into a few more problems. :/ Basically this entire post turned into a huge rant so it can be ignored. If anybody does see this post the main thing I am wondering is: How big of an enclosure will be needed in order to have his own food growing inside...
  13. erdavis

    Elephant Ears and Sulcatas?

    Oops I thought I replied a long time ago! Thank you so much! I was really worried too. I have been checking every morning to make sure none are hanging in the enclosure again. I never noticed how fast they grow!!
  14. erdavis

    Turbos new outdoor enclosure

    Hey guys! I need some help. My boyfriend and I just recently broke up. He was the one that always helped with Turbo's enclosure. I would come up with ideas and what I wanted, he would brainstorm how to do them/how to make it awesome, and he would do do all the real work while giving me little...
  15. erdavis

    Elephant Ears and Sulcatas?

    One more thing while we're at it.. I never know where the best place to put my threads are. Lol. This is a diet question, but I am asking specifically for sulcatas. I know either is probably allowed, but i never know which would get the most educated responses of course uneducated responses are...
  16. erdavis

    Elephant Ears and Sulcatas?

    Hey guys! I have recently moved Turbo/Turbetta, my 3 year 5.5 pound Sulcatas outdoor enclosure. It is right NEXT to some elephant ears. They don't hang low enough for him to reach them bc we keep them trimmed, they just provide shade. Also i looked it up once and saw that they dont really eat...
  17. erdavis

    Brown Thumb needs help with Chicory/Belgium Endive?

    I saw a list of foods my sulcata can eat and Chicory (i think also called belgium endive?) was one of them. So I got some seeds without doing any research and planted them. They are really crowded and I was looking into harvesting them. Or at least trimming some leaves. I did some research...
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    @wellington OMG no I forgot!! I didn't even know it was April fools until my boyfriend and I got a text asking us why we weren't at his mom's bday dinner. We knew her bday is on April 1st, we just didn't know it was April first! By the time we realized it we were too busy getting a gift to play...