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  1. christykindness

    looking for adult male eastern box

    I am looking for an Eastern box-has to be male, we don't want any "accidents". Not interested in babies. We have built an outdoor and a greenhouse enclosure in anticipation, and have an indoor tort table set up and ready.
  2. christykindness

    Greetings from Vegas

    hello! fallon nv here! welcome
  3. christykindness

    frustrated (too many sulcatas) is the link to their adoptions page. They require a two page application, a care and feeding class, and you must provide pics of enclosures. The site has better info than I can give
  4. christykindness

    frustrated (too many sulcatas)

    no, I am not upset with breeders. They are tort lovers, and I realize many are friends here. I'm upset at these folks that pick up the babies because they look so cute, they don't do their research, don't care for them properly and the poor tort suffers. I was not lashing out on breeders...
  5. christykindness

    frustrated (too many sulcatas)

    We have a terrific Tort. rescue near us that focuses on Sulcatas. A few days ago they had to post that they can't take any more sullys until spring because they have gotten so many in the past few weeks; yet I still see a ton of ads for breeders selling sullys. It just makes me sick. If...
  6. christykindness

    Growing food indoors

    we grow timothy, blue fescue, clover, alfalfa, in shallow pans with a layer of coconut coir soaked in water, then cut blocks of it to feed them. in a greenhouse we have beets, turnips, carrots, kale chard, and lettuce mix growing to supplement the grasses. It does take up a lot of space, but...
  7. christykindness

    Adult eastern box turtle

    If the eyes are red, it's a male. Is shipping something you would consider? If so I might adopt, Eastern boxes are my favorite breed so sweet, if not, I might have some family in NH that would be interested, let me ask.
  8. christykindness

    North. Cali/ North. NV wildfires emergency housing

    With wildfires raging, families are having to flee their homes. If anyone needs emergency shelter for their torts we have plenty of space and would love to help. Our hearts go out to you please contact us.
  9. christykindness

    Building Our Turtle and Tortoise Resort

    exactly my thought!! how did you move them? can't wait to read on!
  10. christykindness

    Tortoise throwing a temper tantrum

    My Russian pitches temper fits. If she wants something, doesn't want something... she protests the cats, a lizard that came into her outdoor enclosure and took up residency.... and she will literally toss the whole enclosure until I correct whatever grand injustice has been thrust upon out...
  11. christykindness

    Sulcata tortoise needs home with complete setup

    that makes me so sad. I love reading the adoptions section because it's great to see how the community helps each other. It's really great when torts find a good home! But the world takes all kinds. :(
  12. christykindness

    anyone have connections to the Central Texas Tortoise Rescue San Marcos, TX ?

    ok its a long shot, but I think I may have found my long lost box turtle Soo-Nipi. Here's the story: He was my first. I met him in a small town pet store in New Hampshire, and it was love at first sight. I was only eight, but I knew my heart. I was an awkward shy kid, and 'Nips was my best...
  13. christykindness

    Sulcata tortoise needs home with complete setup

    that's horrible! people actually do that here?
  14. christykindness

    Home Needed for Russian Tortoise (Denver area)

    we are in Northern Nevada, and have plenty of space and an open enclosure if you are still stuck for a new home. Let us know if we can help, my heart breaks for your situation, I know it is hard.
  15. christykindness

    For Those Who Have a Young Sulcata...

    I am originally from the east coast- I didn't know what a goat head was until I stepped on one. Now I know.
  16. christykindness

    New member from Northern Nevada

    that is a whole other story!!! LOL
  17. christykindness

    For Those Who Have a Young Sulcata...

    yes those things are a devil! I will try them next season when they are young, see how the kids like them!
  18. christykindness

    For Those Who Have a Young Sulcata...

    wow! goats head was a shocker! We have so much of that right now, you would think the goats head spikes would choke them.