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  1. SpdTrtl

    Stay outside during texas winter?

    Im in South Texas. I keep mine outdoors unless it gets below 40 or if I expect flooding. If it's only cold at night, I bring him in for the evening and put him back out as soon as the sun comes up. I have a nice sized indoor habitat that I bought online that works well. My tort hates being...
  2. SpdTrtl

    Salad dressing? Nature Zone Salad Dressing for Tortoises

    Has anyone used this salad dressing before? The few reviews I have seen online are good but I can't locate anything that shows what is actually in it. Nature Zone Salad Dressing for Tortoises product description: Why a Salad Dressing for Tortoises? A delicious addition to any tortoise meal...
  3. SpdTrtl

    Russians and a chicken?

    Thanks Yvonne! We are continuous updating and upgrading it. The torts seem to like it, I know they don't really smile but when I watch them walk around I just know and feel they are happy. :<3:
  4. SpdTrtl

    Russians and a chicken?

    When I started with torts, I didn't know much, so I started with just 1. So I guess in my mind I figured since I don't know much about chickens I would start with just 1. lol I did buy a pretty nice looking coop (at least as far as I can tell from the box, have not put it together yet) but I...
  5. SpdTrtl

    Russians and a chicken?

    We have decided to build a separate small run on the outside of their area, on the other side of the door, like a closed off extension. It's just one chicken but better safe than sorry. And... chickens solve bug problems? LOL! I really need to read more about chickens!!
  6. SpdTrtl

    Russians and a chicken?

    Thank you Surfer girl. That is exactly what I needed to know. With my inexperience with chickens, these are things I would not have even thought about until possibly to late.
  7. SpdTrtl

    Russians and a chicken?

    Not sure what I did but my pics are out of order... sorry.
  8. SpdTrtl

    Russians and a chicken?

    Hello All, It's been a long time since I have last logged on but I have a question that I thought you guys could give me some good advice on. I have a fully enclosed habitat for 3 Russian tortoises, they each have their own space that is separated by a short wall that they can't climb over but...
  9. SpdTrtl

    The time Has come and need some help

    How wonderful and exciting!! Way to go! I live in Austin and would love to check this out!
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    Wow! This looks great! I'm glad I get the updates on FB. :D
  11. SpdTrtl

    the new "what do you look like" thread

    Me! :D
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    Awwww now that's cute!
  13. SpdTrtl

    The sun is coming out- breakfast time!

    It's in the 50's right now, not to bad yet. I hear it's going to get colder for us in the next few days....the chill is coming for us too. :)
  14. SpdTrtl

    The sun is coming out- breakfast time!

    I am enjoying my morning coffee and watching my little guys chomp on some breakfast.
  15. SpdTrtl

    In desperate need of a drink...

    heh heh! it's nice to have a sweet tort to share it with. :)
  16. SpdTrtl

    Heating the outdoor shed

    No joke Dixie! Brrrrr!!! The night before last I went to Home Depot to pick up another heat lamp just to make sure they kept warm. I need to invest in one of those radiator heaters too, I am sure i can find a bunch of computer fans around here at
  17. SpdTrtl

    2014 Calendar Contest VOTE OFF

    I voted...:)
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    awww sweet pic! I am curious about the ages of these guys.
  19. SpdTrtl

    hello from texas

    Welcome to the Forum fellow Texan!
  20. SpdTrtl

    Tort bracelets

    Oh those are cute!! :)