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  1. fbsmith3

    Help identifying a rescue tortoise?

    Yes, Three toed box turtle. If you can get her outside that will help keep the claws down, they do love to dig. If you can't get her outside, the largest tote filled with 6 inches of clean soil (Not garden, not potting, NOT MIRACLE GROW). I made up a mixture of sphagnum moss, 100% organic...
  2. fbsmith3

    New outdoor enclosure, wondering if she can stand the night

    I live in Worcester, MA, My Three toed spent last winter hibernating outside, I have had her inside every winter since I owned her (1989). She completely disappeared from her enclosure the middle of August 2013. I was cleaning up her enclosure to make it a garden and she came out to great me...
  3. fbsmith3

    My Three Toed Box turtle refuses to bury herself at night

    Every night I check on her, if she sleeps in a specific spot I bring her in. If she is not in that spot but only partially buried and temp will be over 55 F ( 10 C), I cover her up with some leaves. If I bring here in she sleeps through the night quietly in her 50 gallon tote covered in...
  4. fbsmith3

    How much meat should I feed my box turtles?

    When my Three toed box turtle was an indoor turtle (1989 to 2009) I would feed her depending on her preference. She had a food dish she would bang for attention. Some fruits, veggies, and parrot pellets everyday 1-2 days and meat (cat food, dog food, night crawlers, crickets) twice a week...
  5. fbsmith3

    New Member. Three Toed Box Turtles.

    Hello and Welcome. I love my Three Toed Box turtle, she is a member of my family. I am amazed at her intelligence .
  6. fbsmith3

    Maggie's 3-toed

    Do your turtles stay in the same place every night so you can easily find them?
  7. fbsmith3

    New EBT Babies!!!!!!

    I love seeing baby box turtles. I'd love to have some, but I'm too afraid of raising them. Since their carnivorous feeding would be so difficult in the winter also my wife would kill me.
  8. fbsmith3

    My Three Toed Box turtle refuses to bury herself at night

    She might be gravid. She hasn't been with a male since 1992, but she did lay 8 eggs last year. She laid them in her indoor enclosure because I felt the night were too cold. I discovered the clutch last fall when I was cleaning out the enclosure. I was very surprised.
  9. fbsmith3

    My Three Toed Box turtle refuses to bury herself at night

    My Three toed Box turtle disappeared from her enclosure August 2013. It turns out she was hiding and survived by hibernating through the New England Winter. I discovered her in her enclosure a couple weeks ago and I was elated. Every morning when I change her water she is right there waiting...
  10. fbsmith3

    Happy day! My Three toed box turtle came back after 9 months lost.

    Well, she was definitely not thin. He ate very little, but did eat. I was worried since the temperature is going down to 40 F tonight until I realized she has been doing fine outside for 9 months now.
  11. fbsmith3

    Happy day! My Three toed box turtle came back after 9 months lost.

    I agree, I only started keeper her outside in the summer in 2011. She had escaped a couple of times and each time literally coming up behind me while I was on my hands and knees searching the weeds. I had thought her enclosure was completely escape proof, but them she disappeared last August...
  12. fbsmith3

    Happy day! My Three toed box turtle came back after 9 months lost.

    Today while cleaning up my old box turtle enclosure, she came walking over to me. I lost her or thought I lost her last August. This means she hibernated through a New England winter something she has never done sine I first adopted her in 1989. I am stunned and elated and I am so happy...
  13. fbsmith3

    any MA or RI members?

    I also live in Massachusetts, but I'm from Worcester.
  14. fbsmith3

    Tortoise Forum T-Shirt

    If you are successful with the short sleeves maybe you can consider long sleeves. For some reason I love long sleeve t-shirts. Anyway I'm still in. I just looked on CustomInk website: Shirt Quantity Black / Color Shirt 1-5 $23-$25 Free Shipping...
  15. fbsmith3

    Spitting up Water?

    Sounds like things are progressing well. I'm so happy for you and your new friend.
  16. fbsmith3

    Florida Box Turtle

    That photo is bad, but all together he looks bad to me. yagyujubei can call me all the names he wants. I just want whats best for the turtle. I've never heard male box turtles being flatter than females. I'll have to look into it and educate myself.
  17. fbsmith3

    Florida Box Turtle

    I respect your opinion. I just want the best life for this turtle. Pictures are not the best indicator, but I felt a Box turtle should have a more domed appearance to the shell. I had never seen pyramiding so pronounced on a box turtle and it shocked me. I am much too far away to see...
  18. fbsmith3

    Male Hermann's Tortoise in Massachusetts

    The Massachusetts Reptile Show is in Brockton, MA. I find driving to Manchester, NH much easier.
  19. fbsmith3

    Florida Box Turtle

    I'll send an email now, saying I came across the CL ad by accident. I'm too far away and maybe I can get the ball rolling telling them how unhealthy their turtle is. My Email hope it helps get this turtle into good hands: I found your post for a Florida Box turtle. Unfortunately, this turtle...
  20. fbsmith3

    Adopted a stray Russian tortoise

    Ok, for a Newbie you're doing everything right. WOW, have you done this before?