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  1. Nsav

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Lyns, from Desmond.
  2. Nsav

    Reptile Expo, Oakes PA

    Thanks Yvonne. I was very excited to go and see the turtles and tortoises (my only interest too) but came back a little depressed.
  3. Nsav

    Reptile Expo, Oakes PA

    I only purchased a piece of driftwood, not a tortoise. I attached a picture. And the sulcata that was about 8 inches long was easily going to grow another foot or two. But the vendor told the prospective customer that it was basically full-grown.
  4. Nsav

    Reptile Expo, Oakes PA

    This weekend I traveled about an hour (near Philly) to attend my first reptile expo. It was madness. Hundreds of vendors selling snakes, lizards, spiders, turtles, tortoises, and lots of frozen mice, rats etc. I got to see my first Aldabra (outside of a zoo), and tons of leopards, red foots...
  5. Nsav


    A few months ago, after reading that Tom and others recommended using plain old fashioned 60 watt incandescent flood light bulbs from the local hardware stores, I quickly ran over to the Home Depot in my NJ town. I asked the nice lady in the lighting section where I could find these bulbs and...
  6. Nsav

    Looking for some enclosure advice

    Hi All, I bit the bullet and went with a 72”L x 36”W x 24”H AP enclosure. It was between that one and the beautiful smart enclosure made by Mark. Both are great choices. This one should last until I can build a huge outdoor enclosure in a year or so for my 6 month leopard tortoise. I...
  7. Nsav

    Looking for some enclosure advice

    Will do. Excited to provide a larger enclosure that better keeps in humidity.
  8. Nsav

    Looking for some enclosure advice

    This is great info. I’ve contacted Mark and he is going to send me details via email. Thanks again.
  9. Nsav

    Looking for some enclosure advice

    Thank you. I’ll contact Markw84. Have a nice weekend.
  10. Nsav

    Looking for some enclosure advice

    Hi All, I’m looking to upgrade my tortoise enclosure and am seeking recommendations. Currently, I have my 6 month leopard tortoise in a modified Zoo Med Tortoise House with a glass top with cutouts for lamps. It’s a part-time job to hold humility above 75%. And I t’s only 36 x 24 inches. I’m...
  11. Nsav

    Desmond Reaches 100g

    Hi All, I’m proud to announce my almost 6 month leopard tortoise baby reached 100gs today! He seems active and healthy. I really have to give special thanks to this forum of experts, intermediates and novices alike, who provide just about anyone and everyone with guidance and tips about how...
  12. Nsav

    I got a new tortoise today!!!!

    Wow— absolutely no pyramiding! What are your humidity levels?
  13. Nsav

    Anyone has seen this?what's it, will that be a problem.

    FYI … Indecent Exposure is a crime in the UK under Section 66 of the Sexual Offences Act of 2003, (intentionally exposing genitals to cause alarm or distress). It’s punishable up to 2 years in prison, or in an open tortoise table with a coiled UVB bulb.
  14. Nsav

    Medicare fraud. How in the world?

    Another option is to file a police report in the county which you reside for identity theft, which is a crime under the penal law. Local police can work with the county district attorneys office and subpoena the subscriber of the person who created the account under your name without your...
  15. Nsav

    Elongated tortoise not pooping

    For 1-2 day trips, I purchased a Wyze V3 Camera with Color night vision. $25.99 on Amazon. That way you can check up on him while you’re out for the short trip.
  16. Nsav

    Recommendations needed

    I too use a Wyze v3 color with night vision camera. It’s $25.99 on Amazon and allows me to glimpse via my cell phone at my leopard tortoise baby on the one day I travel into NYC for work. There is nothing as satisfying as watching the little guy get up and head over to his food bowl while I’m...
  17. Nsav

    Question on Supplements

    Thanks for your advice, Tom. I’ve ordered the RepCal and will follow your dosage recommendations. Hilarious retort!
  18. Nsav

    Question on Supplements

    Hi All, Happy Friday. A few questions on supplements. I have an almost 6 month leopard tortoise. Have been using Reptivite with D3 a few times each week on his greens. Is this the right supplement? I’ve read about RepCal and others. Also, what is the correct dosage — 1x per week, 2x etc...
  19. Nsav

    Mazuri tortoise pellet types

    As a new leopard tortoise owner, I had no idea what I was doing when I entered into the local Pet Smart to buy some tortoise chow to supplement Desmond’s greens. So I bought a bag of them all: Mazuri 5M21, Mazuri LS, ZooMed Grassland Diet, and some Fluker’s Tortoise food that looked like Fruity...
  20. Nsav

    Leopard Update at 5+ months

    FYI: I just chucked out all the moss. Would not want to risk mold, impaction or entanglement for the sake of a bit of comfort. Plus it stinks.