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  1. dmmj

    New Desert Tortoise Caregiver, Southern California

    Lots of desert tortoise lovers here(I just like them). That is a nice looking tortoise.
  2. dmmj

    Hydrating Russian Tortoises

    I soak their food( in a bucket) so it is wet when I give it to them.
  3. dmmj

    Tortoise losing a lot of weight prior to hibernation

    It is never a good idea to bruminate a new ( less then a year in your care) or sick tortoise. Keep them indoors warm, with long light cycle
  4. dmmj

    Freezing grass?

    We have a tnread here about freezing greens. Most people found out it turned to mush but still useable. Drying out is another option. But it your sulcata doesn't like hay it might not like dry grass. Try blending hay in a blender till it is fine then add a liitle bit. Over time slowly increase...
  5. dmmj

    Sulcatas and a cherry head together?

    No Size difference could be a hazard Different diets Pathogens Tortoise attitude of likes to be alone Bad idea
  6. dmmj

    Lighting question

    No problems foreseen
  7. dmmj

    Wanted to share

    They get into all sorts of trouble. They think they are invincable
  8. dmmj


    @ 6 months I would do daily
  9. dmmj

    WOW! Yet ANOTHER Moderator's Birthday!!!

    I have not been on much a below knee amputation will do that to you. But thanks for the B-day wishes!
  10. dmmj

    Ghost attacked by dog

    Def. Sounds like a good vet. Torts are tough shell is designed to protect them. Glad to hear he will do fine.
  11. dmmj

    A surplus of hibiscus flowers as a learning moment

    No matter how many I put down my RF maynard eats the whole flower. I would imagine the pistil tastes different then the rest of the plant, probably sweeter.
  12. dmmj

    My Sulcata Pees When Held

    Imagine a 60 foot giant picking you up, can't understand him. What would be your response?
  13. dmmj

    C trifasciata

    Beautiful turtle! Thanks for the pic.
  14. dmmj

    Assistance needed with a testudo tortoise.

    You do not want to use bottom heat with a tortoise, unlike snakes a tortoise needs heat from above that is where all their blood vessels are. As for eating give him some time and offer food everyday. Sonner or later he should turn into a little piggy
  15. dmmj

    Safe food for tortoise

    If you have room grape plant, hibiscus, rose of sharon, fruitless mulberry tree
  16. dmmj

    Safe food for tortoise

    My Russians love strawberry leaves. Squash and cucumber leaves and flowers are also a good choice
  17. dmmj

    Soil for plants

    Once I read up on systemic pesticides I started shaking when repotting.
  18. dmmj


    They love to go into water!
  19. dmmj

    Hatchling not wanting to eat after antibiotics

    They heal slower, so a few weeks is normally no big deal after antibiotics, being a hatchling you want to get it eating
  20. dmmj

    Turned over in the heat

    Give us some pics of the enclosure. You probably need a lot more shade for the little guy