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    1st timer - are we doing things right?!

    here's what we have so far...keep in mind we just got her about 2 weeks ago and have been researching. any suggestions appreciaited.
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    Substrate- how deep?

    I'm a this coco noir, coco peat stuff you all refer to the same as Eco Earth? right now we have 100% Eco Earth, kept very moist for humidity.
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    1st timer - are we doing things right?!

    so my 15 yr old daughter twisted her dad's arm and got a baby sulcata about 2 weeks ago. Thought I'm not thrilled about the lifelong commitment we've taken on, we ARE responsible pet owners and want to do everything right! and they ARE so adorable, just precious (while they're babies anyway!)...
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    First-timers in AZ

    Hello, we're the Wild West family of Gilbert AZ. My 15 yr old daughter talked her dad into a baby Sulcata about 2 weeks ago. They sure are adorable but I'm a bit overwhelmed with the tons of conflicting info out there so very glad to find this forum. Though I've even found very differing...