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  1. The_Four_Toed_Edward

    Baby sulcata not growing much

    I will try to tag some people who know sulcatas @Tom @Ray--Opo @Yvonne G @Maggie3fan
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    Your tortoise can eat it, but might not want to
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    Road trip

    Aww man, I was just about to ask for photos! 😅
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    All Tortoises Are Turtles

    Yes, slugs have no shells, but some still use the word "etana" meaning slug to describe both, as like a common name. It is kinda hard to explain to a non Finnish speaker, but here is one example: A translation of the finnish wikipedia page "Etana" "Snail is the name most commonly used for all...
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    Just For Fun can you identify

    Arisaema triphyllum doesnät grow here in Finland, but many Arisaema plants are grown as decorational plants in gardens. I simply googled what Arisaema plants are native to Maryland and identified from there 😊 My childhood home was in a very wooded are with many woodland plants that were easy to...
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    Redfoot looking for a date

    Maybe @Alex and the Redfoot can comment on the suitability and safety of his enclosure
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    Enough soaking for a adult Russian?

    A little update: The skin on his tail still looks pretty much the same, but he has been able to shed some skin from his feet and face. He still doesn't like soaking, and actually today while I was cleaning his enclosure and he was soaking, he managed to escape his bathtub for the first time. I...
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    Tortoise started to eat substrate

    As per your advice, I haven't been giving any calcium supplementation. I haven't been able to take Edward outside since Sunday, beacause the weather has cooled down a bit. Now his stool has been clear of any substrate, so it seems that this was thankfully just something that he did outside. I...
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    Do tortoises “need to be bred” for optimal happiness?

    As for the behaviour of my own tortoise, he used to have this branch in his enclousure that he would mount. This usually happened in the mornings accompanied with some mating squeks. Since then the branch has been taken away to avoid injury. I have seen flashing twice. Both times I was...
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    Do tortoises “need to be bred” for optimal happiness?

    I don't have your definite answer, but this topic interests me. There are some studies showing that during breeding season males sense the location of females getting the urge to mate, but not vice versa. ( ) This could mean that...
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    Just For Fun can you identify

    It might be Jack-in-the-pulpit (Arisaema triphyllum). It would fit the look in the photo and your area. And your description of the berries. Even though it contains high levels of oxalate crystals, it might be possible your tortoise ate it without visible harm. But I can't be sure without seeing...
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    Setting up for a Russian Tortoise - Constructive comments welcome

    Yes, the mushrooms will only contaminate the soil, so rinsing the plants well before offering to your tortoise should be enough.
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    Red Foot Tortoise Humidity

    This it what I was thinking, you can get the pros of moss from some other substrate. And I think the cons over weigh the pros.
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    What do you guys think of this outdoor shelter?

    For me at least this link seems to take to search results, not any specific product
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    Red Foot Tortoise Humidity

    There are many arguments against not using sphagnum moss. In my opinion these can't be overlooked just because your tortoise hasn't yet eaten any sphagnum moss: Spaghnum moss is messy. It can get easily stuck on your tortoises legs or neck because of it's stringy shape. All substrates can...
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    Hermann Tortoise missing nails

    I hope that this was just an injury and the nails will grow back!
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    Scutes falling off and shell separation

    Agree with @JoJosMom and @wellington the pyramiding looks concerning, please answer our questions and give details on your current and previous set up. Looks like something has gone wrong here, but further damage can still be prevented.
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    Hermann Tortoise missing nails

    Have you found the fallen nails? Are the remaining nails on that food discolored? Is there something in the enclosure that could cause injury? A fungal infection is one possibility.
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    New uk owner of shelly. 20 year old Herman female.

    Hydration and using the right bulbs for heat and UV can prevent pyramiding. What kind of lighting/heat do you currently have provided for her? What is the humidity in her indoor enclosure? As for her nails, I don't see a fungal infection in the photo you posted. Might be that she has had one...
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    Scutes falling off and shell separation

    It seems that the bone underneath has died, and the keratin layer has lost its blood supply, so the scutes have started to fall off. This process might take years, so it is most likely due the old dog bite. If all goes well new karatin will grow under the dead bone and the bone will flake off...