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  1. MrsBruce

    New to Sulcata tortoises

    Hello. Me and my two daughters are in the process of getting a baby sulcata tortoise (sry about the spelling ) we currently have two three toed box turtles. Can y'all please tell me what we need ? Can it stay in the same habitat as the box turtles? Any ideas and suggestions would be very...
  2. MrsBruce

    Wanting to adopt any tortious/ and or box turtles houston tx

    Me and my family are looking for tortious's and box turtles to give for every homes to we have plenty of room 12+ acres. And offer great care.
  3. MrsBruce

    Box turtle - Houston Tx

    Looking for a box turtle around the Houston tx area
  4. MrsBruce

    2 Sulcatas rescued need homes.

    We're are you located I'm very interested
  5. MrsBruce

    I found these on Craigslist. Can Anyone Help These Sulcatas

    Omg they are so cute. I have emailed them hope we can he one
  6. MrsBruce

    Looking to adopt

    Hello. We are wanting to adopt a box turtle or a baby tortious in the Houston Tx/Beaumont tx area. Needs to be very reasonably priced due to our "buying budget" If you have any info that could help in our search please let me know
  7. MrsBruce

    Turtles in Texas

    I'm so tried of the weather to :/ we have been trying to build an outside enclosure but its been difficult [hr]
  8. MrsBruce

    Turtles in Texas

    Glad to hear that they are eating (: I sure hope it comes up with your other turtles.
  9. MrsBruce

    Turtles in Texas

    It has been very crazy. Ill be so glad for summer to be here. Im so glad she is ok. :)
  10. MrsBruce

    New Baby

    O how beautiful
  11. MrsBruce

    Box turtle rescue

    I'm not very good with naming lol but Darcy comes to mind when I look at the pictures
  12. MrsBruce

    Box turtle rescue

    Awe so cute. Have you named him/her yet? :)
  13. MrsBruce

    Turtles in Texas

    I hope he just may have moved spots :( I so hope u can find him. I agree the cold should really take a hike !!!
  14. MrsBruce

    Turtles in Texas

    Glad to hear they are ok. I hope u can find ur Russian :(
  15. MrsBruce

    Looking to do some bartering

    I'm looking to do some bartering for a box turtle around the Houston Texas area also would like to barter for some plants that can go in an outside enclosure
  16. MrsBruce

    Turtles in Texas

    Hey everyone how did y'all's turtles fair in this ice storm?
  17. MrsBruce

    Itty bitty

    Such a cute little fella. So glad he is doing better
  18. MrsBruce

    Enjoying her new crib

    It looks amazing :) such an adorable boxie
  19. MrsBruce


    Any kind :) we love all turtles and would love to have one
  20. MrsBruce

    Help! Do I need to dig her up?

    So glad all is well :)