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  1. Okapizebra

    Can I used a cascade 1000 in 20 gallons of water?

    I would be careful. I use the cascade 1000 on my 40 gallon tank but it's completely full. And that things really blasts that water! Just be careful not to blast your turtle out of existence.
  2. Okapizebra

    This Is A Must Have.

    I would only imagine that would be an issue if you plop your fish right away into 100% new water. Which I would not recommend. I regularly do 50% water changes with no issue, because they still have 50% of their original water, at the correct balance in regards to dissolved gasses. Plus, if your...
  3. Okapizebra

    This Is A Must Have.

    Yes, I have tested the tap. It comes up with a strong reading of chlorine. No, I am not telling you to put it on the left side and not let it circulate. I never said that. I specifically stated to add for the full volume of the tank so that the whole tank was saturated with prime. If...
  4. Okapizebra

    This Is A Must Have.

    I have actually tested it. Prime does work instantly. I have tested for chlorine, with the water at the surface where the tap water was pouring in, and received a result of zero chlorine. Ive tested different areas around the tank during filling. Zero chlorine. I've tested this dozens of times...
  5. Okapizebra

    This Is A Must Have.

    Hi everyone, I don't often post here. But I wanted to express my opinion on this topic because I feel qualified. I am a marine biologist, I have worked in fish stores and public aquariums. I have probably changed hundreds of thousands of gallons of water. When adding prime or similar water...
  6. Okapizebra

    Filter size for 75 gal turtle aquarium

    I agree, I also love the cascade canister filters and I use the 700 on my 40 gallon tank for my musk turtle. I run it in conjuction with an aquaclear 70 hang on back filter, although honestly I think the canister would be more than enough but I tend to over filter my tanks. I think the 1000...
  7. Okapizebra

    Store bought Dried Hibiscus Flowers

    Organic doesn't mean it was grown without pesticides.
  8. Okapizebra

    Need help, upgrading freshwater tank

    Heater wattage is going to depend on how large of a difference the outside air is to the aquarium. If it only needs to warm up the tank a couple degrees, a 50 watt would be fine. If it needs to warm up significantly more, a 100 watt would be plenty. The titanium ones tend to last the longest...
  9. Okapizebra


    Poinsettia is the shrub. The tree is called a royal Poinciana. It's a type of legume, so I assume not a good feed, but I was curious.
  10. Okapizebra


    Do they eat the flowers from the royal Poinciana? I've always wondered if they were a safe tortoise food. We have them everywhere here and it's definitely blooming season.
  11. Okapizebra


    For me the issue would be charging. I live in an apartment complex that is old and doesn't have any EV charging parking spaces. So how do I charge my car at home? I imagine this would be an issue for many people as I'm sure a large portion of the population lives in an apartment building or...
  12. Okapizebra

    Silver dollar breeding and plants

    I don't know anything about breeding silver dollars, but the tank is definitely too small. I would go 55+ gallons. I've heard anubias and Java ferns tasted bad to fish so that could be worth a try but I wouldn't be surprised if they devour any live plant you try.
  13. Okapizebra

    Found one!

    Beautiful!!! My absolute favorite species of turtle.
  14. Okapizebra

    Canister filter question

    I've been keeping fish for nearly 15 years and I have to say, I also strongly dislike UG filters. I also think canister filters are a huge pain to keep clean. I personally use sponge filters and HOBs as my primary filtration. For my musk turtle Oscar's 40 breeder, I run an aquaclear 70 plus a...
  15. Okapizebra

    Aquarium water safe after no power for a week?

    As long as the filters are running it will be just fine for them.
  16. Okapizebra

    Well, Which Is It. . . an Okapi or a Zebra?

    Clearly I couldn't decide between the two! Thanks!!!
  17. Okapizebra

    Mud turtle ID

    My little cutie is growing up so fast. He's not really so little anymore!
  18. Okapizebra

    Mud turtle ID

    Thanks everyone. :) He has so much personality, I just love him so much!
  19. Okapizebra

    Mud turtle ID

    In case anyone was interested in an update, this little cutie is growing like a weed and doing great! His appetite is never ending and is always begging at the front of the tank. He's at least doubled in size now and is living his best life in a 29 gallon aquarium.
  20. Okapizebra

    Mud turtle ID

    Great info! Thank you so much!