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  1. KnNTiny

    Which light should I use?

    Hi Everybody, I was just talking with my mom about the light situation and we came upon these two lights. Please help us decide which light is best for my Russian Tortoise!!
  2. KnNTiny

    Newbie with baby horse field :)

    Welcome to the forum can't wait to see pics.
  3. KnNTiny


    So sorry for your loss. At least he received the love he needed from you. Know you did all you could.
  4. KnNTiny


    Yes I would like to know as well. They are truly easy plants to find and grow.
  5. KnNTiny

    Age range? (How old are you? Optional)

    This forum is awesome with helping to get over the bumpy baby's. I'm glad to have met you guys. Here's to life long tortoise friendship. LOL!!!
  6. KnNTiny

    Age range? (How old are you? Optional)

    Well that's the thing I currently just have the basic stuff that came with enclosure. So my is taking me out to get some Orchid bark and I will make sure we look for some moss. The sides are covered. My mom has become just as tortoise obsessed as I am. We are going to add a second level to the...
  7. KnNTiny

    Age range? (How old are you? Optional)

    Well I think something is wrong with Tiny's shell but when I got her it was like that. So I am trying to figure the humidity thing out. And because I got her from a pet store the we have a glass enclosure. This forum is great. Learning a lot. KnNTiny
  8. KnNTiny

    Age range? (How old are you? Optional)

    Since July 19th. Really a newbie to Russians. Have made a lot of beginner mistakes. But will be correcting them. How about you? How long have you had your tort? KnNTiny
  9. KnNTiny

    Age range? (How old are you? Optional)

    I'm 13 and my sis who helps me take care of Tiny is 11. KnNTiny
  10. KnNTiny

    My Russian is acting weird!!! (trying to escape)

    Thank you. I will look for it the next time we are there. KnNTiny
  11. KnNTiny

    My Turvy man turned 8 today !!!

    Try the Tortoise Meatball. KnNTiny
  12. KnNTiny

    Please help tortoise loss a nail

    Didn't see any blood. And she seems to be walking around exploring like nothing happen. Scared me though. KnNTiny
  13. KnNTiny

    Please help tortoise loss a nail

    Please help me my Russian tortoise loss her nail. I don't know how it happened, all I know is that when I picked her up u saw that she only had three nails on one hand and four on the other. I don't know what to do. Here is a pic
  14. KnNTiny

    Hope you're all proud!

    Looks awesome!!! KnNTiny
  15. KnNTiny


    Wow these are awesome. They are like giants. Love it. KnNTiny
  16. KnNTiny

    Correct Bulbs?

    Thanks Tom. I was just curious. And my mom said she wasn't going to buy it until I asked you guys. Any recommendations on the best brand or type of light I should get to provide the UVB? KnNTiny
  17. KnNTiny

    Share Your Best Turtle/Tortoise Close-Up Shots!!

    I've shared this one before but I love this shot. My mom got this while Tiny was yawning. KnNTiny
  18. KnNTiny

    Hello from another newbie

    Welcome. We are newbies too but this is a great forum to be apart of. Lots of GREAT info. KnNTiny
  19. KnNTiny

    My redfoot family

    Here is my favorite pic of Tiny. KnNTiny
  20. KnNTiny

    My redfoot family

    Those guys are so adorable. I love your enclosure. We are new to the tort family. We have a Russian name Tiny. We (my mom and I) love reading all the post and learning all that we can about torts. I will be following you because you have inspired us. The more info we get the better we can take...