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  1. emilygj

    Shell rot/fungus??

    I'm worried about my little red foot- he has some white spots around his shell. They don't seem to be soft or deep but I am worried about him! Would anyone be able to give me advice on what you think these white areas might be?
  2. emilygj

    How to keep warm during transportation?

    I am planning on taking my tortoise to the vet- but am needing some advice on how to keep him warm while transporting him? I just don't want him to get too cold... Anyone have any good ideas on how to do this? Thanks!
  3. emilygj

    Redfoot Diet/Humidity??

    Thanks everyone for your advice!
  4. emilygj

    Redfoot Diet/Humidity??

    Hi, I am the new owner of a redfoot tortoise. He (or she) is about 4" I have had my little guy for one week, and I still can't get him to take more than one bite of his food- I have offered him melon, lettuce, kale, endive, strawberries, etc. I just rearranged his enclosure with some...