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  1. 8james8

    My First Radiated :)

    Quick shot of some of them soaking :) warm sun means bigger appetites. Going to be a lot of growth for these this year! Temps are almost there for them to be outside during the day on a regular basis.
  2. 8james8

    My new rad....

    The FB post you made - they were right :)
  3. 8james8

    3 radiated tortoises.

    I agree with @BlakeATX - my radiata are very outgoing as a bunch. Some started out with a little shy streak, but I handle them a little (brushing their shells off, scrubbing them down during soaks, giving them head or leg rubs). Most of mine now come running to me because I will rub and scratch...
  4. 8james8

    New Baby Rads

  5. 8james8

    My First Radiated :)

    Thank you :)
  6. 8james8

    My First Radiated :)

    @markw84 I have not scheduled it yet. Originally I planned to do it last spring but I had a few opportunities to add bloodlines I did not have so I jumped on that and pushed it back to this year. I have one baby that is not at the 120g steady weight suggested goal so I'm just waiting for it...
  7. 8james8

    My First Radiated :)

    They love their soaks :)
  8. 8james8

    Radiata <3

    Radiata <3
  9. 8james8

    My First Radiated :)

    I keep the larger ones in separate housings than the smaller ones. I buy pretty much from the same people that all do their checks and such so unless it's a completely different bloodline and/or has been in someones hands that I dont usually deal with, they would have an extended quarantine.
  10. 8james8

    My First Radiated :)

    An update on the torts and showing off a few I havent posted :)
  11. 8james8


    So they are filled with coolant? Ok someone needs to explain these tortoises to me now....because my understanding was waaaaay off! Lol
  12. 8james8

    My First Radiated :)

    I've purchased from a few members on here like @coastal @zovick @deadheadvet and Jay Russo All great people to work with. Coastal has a website: I'm actually changing out their turf right now so here's an unfinished shot. I opted for the 20 inch screen to set my MVB and...
  13. 8james8

    My First Radiated :)

    Thank you :) I bought them from the best possible people and it makes it easy to transition them. Some I had when they were just 1 month old some over a year.
  14. 8james8

    My First Radiated :)

    Smooth as can be :)
  15. 8james8

    My First Radiated :)

    They are getting so big!
  16. 8james8

    The rise of a MadRad!

    What?!?! A 443 putting out color...That's unpossible [emoji23]
  17. 8james8

    That’s not a MadRad, This is a MadRad!

    Congrats! Beauty and a great bloodline!