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  1. MarkE

    baby sulcata 150. whole set up norco CL

    That'd take a boatload of Collard Greens.....
  2. MarkE

    Can we all calm down?

    message board drama? say it isn't so......
  3. MarkE

    Why did you choose Sulcata?

    I know this is the total WRONG answer for this question, BUT......Me and my 10yr old son went to the pet store to look, and they had this tortoise (Sulcata) there that was larger than the rest of the stock. I liked it because it had these cool big bumps on its shell (which I now know is...
  4. MarkE

    Frank-a-saurus: Tortoise Costume

    That is great!
  5. MarkE


    It's like Jungle Love....
  6. MarkE


    Function > fashion MarkE
  7. MarkE

    Suitable Vegetables for Sulcata?

    Hey all, Would love some input. What veggies do you feed your Sulcatas? I mostly do the mustard Greens, Kale, Endive, Collard greens, Romaine, etc, but see alot of conflicting info on what veggies to give Big Mama a couple times a week for some extra vitamins and stuff... She loves corn...
  8. MarkE

    Drawing of a pup

    That's awesome. I would have made a stick figure dog... :)
  9. MarkE

    Best Concert Ever

    Ive seen Frank Marino a few times in the last decade, that guy is crazy good. A true underrated guitarist.. Played 3.5 hr. shows everytime.. MarkE
  10. MarkE

    Best Concert Ever

    Roger Waters "The Wall" tour was visually by far the best show I've ever seen.. By far..... Best performances? Rose Hill Drive 2006 Chicago Black Crowes Halloween Chicago 05 Iron Maiden Chicago 1984 Black Crowes Colubus OH 2005 Metallica (with Cliff) Anything that Jimmy Page graces the stage...
  11. MarkE

    A good laugh (pic)

    I saw this posted on one of my buddies Facebook wall today.. lol...
  12. MarkE


    Fluffy & Scooter
  13. MarkE

    Youtube clip of Big Mama

    I was trying to be creative on one of the last days Big Mama will be outside, and filmed some stuff. I put it up on youtube. Its a little too long, but she was intrigued by the camera.. Funny, check it out if you want!! MarkE:cool:
  14. MarkE

    New Indoor Enclosures almost completed!

    Very cool, kinda like a Tortoise playground. I dig it! MarkE
  15. MarkE

    penthouse pose

    That's hot.....:P
  16. MarkE

    Big Mama's house......

    I just finished Big Mama's house. I got her about a month ago, and had the guys at my shop make an enclosure for her., I brought it home and finished it. Wanted to post some pics for you guys to see., Hope you like it.. Well, I hope Big Mama likes it. Here are a few shots, but I did a play...
  17. MarkE

    On my way!!!

    Insert "thumbs up!" right here!
  18. MarkE

    New Indoor Enclosure for my 2 Leopards

    That is an awesome enclosure! It looks great! MarkE
  19. MarkE

    4x8 Encosure update

    Nice idea with the paint. I like it.. Wish I had a 4x8 area for Big Mama's enclosure. Cant wait to see the finished project. MarkE
  20. MarkE

    What are you listening to?

    I just saw Blind Melon (RIP Shannon Noon) last week, and loved it. Been listening to them alot since then. Also Rival Sons, Tesla and some old Robert Plant solo stuff.