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  1. Sleppo

    Russian Tortoise Clawing at Wall and Trying to Get Out

    Looks like a male to me.
  2. Sleppo

    Roof deck party!

    I forgot to clip in her house so that it does not move when she is digging inside of it. She somehow shimmied up the back and was able to get on the roof. She’s very proud of herself.
  3. Sleppo

    The coolest jobs?

    Man you guys all do some interesting things. I've been in title insurance for more years then I care to disclose. I review surveys, plats, land records etc to insure large commercial construction projects and purchases. It is kinda neat sometimes reading handwritten deeds and records from as...
  4. Sleppo

    Do you cool your soaks in the summer?

    In the last 10 years I have only seen one of my Russians drink once. They have access to water at all times and I soak only once or twice a month. When i soak them while they are living outside I just let the water sit in the sun for an hour or 2 then put them in it.
  5. Sleppo

    My tortoise

    Need a pic of his or her tail to confirm, the tail is a bit cut off in the pic.
  6. Sleppo

    Help finding exotic vet near me

    Agree, this forum is the best resource. Avoid the vet unless you are directed by a knowledgeable member on this form.
  7. Sleppo

    Tortoise won’t eat

    We know there may be a more glaring issue here with the specs of how you are keeping them but to get back to the eatling part Wellington gave me some good advice a few weeks back. Try squeezing strawberry juice on some good greens and also into some moistened pellet food, I use the Zoo Med...
  8. Sleppo

    Warehouse kitten

    Awwww hope she finds a home soon its dangerous for her to be out there that young. Most rescues are full as its kitten season. Three of my cats were found as strays too young to be without thier mom. One is a tortie they are very vocal, sassy and loving. Good luck she sure is cute!
  9. Sleppo

    Found Russian Tortoise

    Hi all, It's been awhile since I have posted hope everyone is well. A male Russian tortoise was found wandering on a roadway in a neighborhood close to where we live 2 weeks ago. The finder was elderly and was getting bad information like "its native to the area return it to the wild" we...
  10. Sleppo

    Found Russian

    Thanks for taking this little guy in, hope the owner is found soon.
  11. Sleppo

    Building Our Turtle and Tortoise Resort

    WOW! Both of your houses look like somewhere I want to vacation to! Incredible work both are beautiful.
  12. Sleppo

    Captive bred? or wild caught?

    I would say wild too
  13. Sleppo

    Growing greens in Cinder Blocks.

    Yeah I get my pots at flea markets or yard sales, if you have a Big Lots or other super discounted store you can find good deals. The big box stores charge way to much for them. I have done the cinder block planters and the only issue I had was just watering enough, the cinder blocks absorb the...
  14. Sleppo

    Only eating dandelions when outside

    Mine love them too I think they are like tortoise candy!
  15. Sleppo

    Help! (broken shell)

    I am sorry you got that response, thank you for looking out for this tortoise.
  16. Sleppo


    Finally checking out this thread, 8781 pages!!! Wow! Spring has hit Philadelphia, my bulbs are working their way up and the forsythia has bloomed!
  17. Sleppo

    Best concert you’ve been to

    He was certainly known for his showmanship!
  18. Sleppo

    Best concert you’ve been to

    Bowie twice!!! So jealous.
  19. Sleppo

    Best concert you’ve been to

    Great thread! Prior to the pandemic my husband and I were at shows here in Philly a few times a month. Lots of punk most local. Some of my favorite bigger acts that I've seen are below, Iggy being #1. Biggest regret is not seeing Bowie in my lifetime. Iggy Pop Neil Young The Cult The Cure...
  20. Sleppo

    Smoking Marijuana in the same room

    Thanks, I would hope anyone partaking would know and understand the risks. I was offering the OP a solution for their stoner den/tort enclosure dilemma. Easiest fix = move the moon cabbage outside.