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    New here & to Torts, I brought home a sick hatchling Hermann from my Grandson

    Keep up the good work. So glad you are able to give him a chance. :tort::<3:
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    Chris Leone- Garden State Tortoise & Hermanni Haven

    My baby Indian Star arrived today from Garden State Tortoise. He arrived safe and was nice and warm with the warm pack Chris packed with him/her. I put him in his enclosure, let him chill for awhile, soaked him and fed him. He was very active checking out his new home. This is the third...
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    Terminal sulcata hatchling.

    So sorry to hear this. I've been there and it's sad to watch.
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    Maximum safe surface temperature for Kane heat mats?

    I don't hibernate them, they are only 2 years old. It can get down to freezing where we are (not yet though). We aren't in the city. I have indoor enclosures, but now that they have had a summer outside in their enclosures, they aren't real happy indoors anymore.
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    Maximum safe surface temperature for Kane heat mats?

    Does anyone put any dirt on their kane heat mat? I know the manufacture says not to, but I was wondering if anyone has. I have a Russian and a Dalmatian. I just got the mats and they are sitting on top them under a hide, but i'm sure they would love to burrow under some warm dirt. I'm using...
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    Baby Cherry death, stuffed w/ coco coir

    So sorry for your loss. I love the basket you have for him. Things happen and sometimes we never know the answer which makes it hard. You did nothing wrong, it was just an unfortunate thing. I hope when you heal you will want another one. Thanks for sharing your story. It will help others...
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    Yes, It's very normal that they hide under the dirt. They can make it difficult to find them at times.:tort::)
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    So... Cats like heat lamps...

    My cat will sit by the warm lights that are on the outside of the enclosure. I have a wood and chicken wire top over it so the cat can't get inside. Guess they like to get warm at times. Silly kitties
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    Abandoned sulcata

    So sorry to hear this. Burns are very painful!! Praying his recovery goes well. Keep us posted.
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    He always one eye on object

    This made me smile, too darn funny!:tort:
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    Abandoned sulcata

    What a lucky tortoise to have found such a caring home. Enjoy your new addition. :tort::)
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    Pneumonia HELP!

    Try running a humidifier to keep any mucous thinned. Pneumonia can cause thick mucous in the lungs making breathing difficult.
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    baby Russian Tortoise not active?

    Hers some additional info. Beginner Mistakes
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    Heating Pad

    Thanks Tom. :)
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    Guess What!

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    Heating Pad

    I was just going to ask the same thing. lol
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    Russian Tortoise eye problem i need Help

    @Tom @yvonne.Can one of you give EE torts more details for her Russian? thx
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    Russian Tortoise eye problem i need Help

    My Russian is 2 now, but I kept her/him in a closed chamber in at least 70% humidity. Sand can irritate the torts eyes. Do you have a uvb bulb in the set up? Some of the bulbs that are coiled have been known to irritate their eyes. I keep my coco coir substrate with cypress mulch wet in both...
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    Russian Tortoise eye problem i need Help

    What kind of set up do you have? Is it a baby Russian?