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  1. harrythetortoise

    Hibernation fridge

    Thanks @Tom !
  2. harrythetortoise

    Hibernation fridge

    Thoughts on this fridge for hibernation?
  3. harrythetortoise

    Petition to Free Harry The Sulcata

    I am glad to hear that. Where is he going to?
  4. harrythetortoise

    Marginated torts

    How old is the one that flashed at you?
  5. harrythetortoise

    Houdini the Jerk II

    Congrats!! He looks very curious already?
  6. harrythetortoise

    Shell Flattening in the Centre, what do I do?

    You can also see if there are dandelion leaves from outside (make sure no chemical sprayed areas), or plantain leaves. Those are pretty easy to find and grow anywhere.
  7. harrythetortoise

    Houdini the Jerk II

    Good luck with everything!!
  8. harrythetortoise

    Aldabra killing a bird - have you guys seen this? *graphic warning, ofc*

    I saw a sulcata tortoise devouring a pidgeon on the internet a few weeks ago. I guess they can be opportunistic feeders. I truly hope mine does not become like that...
  9. harrythetortoise

    Help with filing sharp edges

    I am curious to know about this too, as I have noticed those "transparent" edges on my tortoise as well. So far they don't seem to bother him but I want to know if I need to do something to prevent future scraping.
  10. harrythetortoise

    Houdini goes bye bye!

    I'm excited for you! I know you've been waiting for a tort of your own for a long time :)
  11. harrythetortoise

    Baking day!!!

    Ah, mystery solved!
  12. harrythetortoise

    Baking day!!!

    What's at the very bottom? Looks like tofu (I'm pretty sure it's not lol).
  13. harrythetortoise

    28 Sick Tortoises please help, Bumps under Neck

    I google searched and there is an instagram account. Not 100% sure if that's the same breeder...
  14. harrythetortoise

    Houdini goes bye bye!

    Oh wow will you be getting Houdini?
  15. harrythetortoise

    Help delayed delivery

    That's a beautiful redfoot! Congratulations :)
  16. harrythetortoise

    Comment by 'harrythetortoise' in media 'IMG_20210811_161101.jpg'

    That's what I thought, too, but wasn't sure where you were pointing at :)
  17. harrythetortoise

    nootnootbu: Come On Down!!!

    Happy birthday!
  18. harrythetortoise


    Looks good to me!
  19. harrythetortoise

    Is this normal?

    Yes I believe some are born like that :)
  20. harrythetortoise

    Some of Today's Birthdays:

    Happy birthday!