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  1. jpeck425

    Sharing care info on Rhinoclemmys Rubida

    Hi Steven, We're you ever able to find out more info on the Rubida? I am picking up a trio this weekend and like you, have not found a lot of people with experience on this species. How are yours doing? Thanks Jeff Peck
  2. jpeck425

    Marginateds started trying to breed!

    Well it looks like my assumptions on the marginated genders worked-out, lol. I think they are still too young to produce viable eggs, but they are definitely starting to show interest. The 2 males are only about 6" and the female is 7". Who knows? Maybe in a couple years :)
  3. jpeck425

    Thinking about buying a Marginated

    Hi Carrilac, I've kept redfoots for many years and have been keeping marginateds for the last two. I think your making the right decision for what you are looking for. My redfoots have all been very personable and interactive. My marginateds are a bit shyer and will usually run to their hide...
  4. jpeck425

    Funny Tortoise Pictures

    During the summer, Edgar decided he was old enough to start earning his own spending money. Our "Little Man" started his own landscaping company and is becoming quite the little entrepenuer, lol!
  5. jpeck425

    How Many Marginata Owners

    Hey there, Jeff Possible 2.1, but a bit too young to be certain. Northville, Michigan
  6. jpeck425


    Welcome Robert, I think you'll really enjoy the people here. Great looking spotteds, I've always liked those. :)
  7. jpeck425

    Hi everyone....

    Welcome, it's a pleasure to meet you. Leopards are a lot of fun. Looking forward to pics :)
  8. jpeck425

    Greetings from SoCal

    Welcome Shanna, It's great to me you :) You'll have a lot of fun with your sulcattas as they grow.
  9. jpeck425

    Rawr! New Forum Member Here^^

    Hi Maeva~Michelle, It's a pleasure to meet you. I think you'll really like all of the helpful and nice people here. Nice looking little leopard :)
  10. jpeck425

    the new "what do you look like" thread

    RE: What Do you Look like??? Here's a pic from several years ago with an old friend. Me and my best friend. Today, with a lot more gray hair, lol.
  11. jpeck425

    The Desert Is Flowering

    Congratulations AGAIN!!!:D It looks like you're starting 2009 the right way! Be well
  12. jpeck425

    The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming

    Congratulations Danny! Great shots of the hatching :) Be well
  13. jpeck425

    I think my pond is dead!

    Hi Yvonne, I had the same misfortune with my pond last spring(without the turtles). A Blue Heron decided check-out our small 5'x10' pond, right next to our family room window. He decimated my Koi within an hour. I had raised these fish from little ones to some decent sized sub-adults and they...
  14. jpeck425

    Hibiscus question

    Thanks Terry, nice looking pens. All of these outside photos are killing me, lol, I'm about 4 months away from being able to work on anything :D Kristina, my forest hingebacks came from a few different sources. One belonged to my friend's brother and needed a home and the other two were at a...
  15. jpeck425


    Tortoises will not overeat, however they can eat too much of the wrong foods. As long as you are offering a good quality selection of greens and grasses, your tortoise will monitor it's own intake just fine. They are constant grazers in the wild. I'm a big advocate of offering frequent smaller...
  16. jpeck425

    Hibiscus question

    Thanks for the great info Kristina and Maggie. After all of the enclosure pics lately, I'm anxious to rework our backyard(wife permitting ;)). I've been staring out at our snow-covered backyard and planning where I can add a few pens and new landscaping. It will be fun adding some of these new...
  17. jpeck425

    Ella and Gwen, my Sulcatas

    Nice pics Kristina, I particularly like the "Comin Atcha!" perspective in the first few shots :) Edgar and Stella would have rammed the camera(or my face, lol) if I would have tried that. Be well
  18. jpeck425

    Hibiscus question

    Hi all, I was on the west side of Michigan and noticed someone had a large Hibiscus growing directly in their yard. I didn't think they survived our winters, but this tree was definitely established. I would love to plant one, if they will live. I have been keeping smaller ones on the deck...
  19. jpeck425

    Rats! quite literally

    Thanks for sharing, LP. I used to have a couple of rats years ago. They were black except a white dash on their chests and paws. It looked like they were wearing suits so they were dubbed "Jake and Elwood" after the Blues Brothers :cool: They were fun little guys! I like Bryan's pattern. Be well
  20. jpeck425

    My two BP boys....

    Nice looking pythons, Meg. I particularly like the pattern on the Spider. A friend of mine breeds Ball Pythons and I almost picked-up a Pinstripe, but my Star tortoises became available and trumped it, lol ;) Be well