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  1. Sariss

    Can an online long distance relationship last?

    It's unfortunate, but I think a lot of people who reach out to others on the internet for a relationship are not genuine. I went through a large amount of anxiety before my now-husband and I first met back in 2009 - I wasn't sure if he would show up, if he was who he said he was, etc. Thankfully...
  2. Sariss

    Setting up new closed chamber.

    New home is starting to come together! We moved Humphrey in today.
  3. Sariss

    Mixing Coco Coir?

    Thanks guys! Mixing mainly because, where I live I have been unable to locate Coco coir anywhere but at pet stores, so mixing in something like topsoil will prove to be much more economical.
  4. Sariss

    Mixing Coco Coir?

    Hi! I am gathering supplies for my Red Foots new enclosure. I'm planning on having the top 2 inches of substrate be Cypress mulch. The bottom 4 inches Coco Coir, but can I mix it with something? Play sand? Topsoil? Peat Moss? Any recommendations? Thanks!
  5. Sariss

    New Redfoot Indoor Enclosure!

    They do! I hope I have enough decorating prowess to hold a candle to the others I've seen. :)
  6. Sariss

    New Redfoot Indoor Enclosure!

    Our hopes is to hang the lamps down from the tent poles, and be suspended into the enclosure itself.. will have to see how things go as we go on.
  7. Sariss

    New Redfoot Indoor Enclosure!

    This is Humphrey Poptart's current enclosure. It's a Zoomed Tortoise House. Humidity has been a huge issue, so we have resorted to using a shower curtain to help. It works, but it's not pretty and the enclosure is too small for my liking. I got this awesome idea for an enclosure from Elohi...
  8. Sariss

    Setting up new closed chamber.

    We got ours yesterday! Installed the shower curtain today. It was such a ***** to snap together, but we did it! Humphrey won't be moved into this enclosure until mid-August (we are going away and he is being taken care of by a co-worker in his current Zoomed Tortoise Table). My husband was very...
  9. Sariss

    Setting up new closed chamber.

    I wonder if you could set up two side by side somehow and bore a hole to have a 4x8 enclosure? I guess it's kinda hard with how they are built.
  10. Sariss

    Setting up new closed chamber.

    This idea gave me enough inspiration to order this kit for my Redfoot!! I'm excited! Does that humidifier come with the tubing I see?
  11. Sariss

    Finally found a tortoise table in the US

    Redfoots require a lot more humidity than most. My redfoot is currently housed in a ZooMed Tortoise Table, and I had to cover the top with a shower curtain, or else the humidity just immediately goes away.
  12. Sariss

    Importing a tort into the US?

    Thanks for the info! It will be a while before we move anyways (if we do!). Hubby is eligible for his Canadian Citizenship next year, so after he gets that we can apply for my Green Card. THEN move.
  13. Sariss

    Importing a tort into the US?

    Hi! My husband and I currently live in Ontario, Canada. My husband is an American Citizen/Canadian Permanent Resident. We have discussed me getting a Green Card in the US and potentially moving (either northern AZ or west Florida). We have a Red Footed tortoise, and I was just curious if anyone...
  14. Clover is good!

    Clover is good!

  15. Humphrey Poptart

    Humphrey Poptart

    Redfoot Tortoise
  16. Sariss

    Adult Redfoot Tort Table size

    Hi! I am hoping to convert a dresser into a tortoise table for Humphrey Poptart, my redfoot. He is only about 4 months old right now so the Zoomed Tort Table is working for now, so I figure I have some time to rig this... I'd like this to become a long-term enclosure. He will have an outdoor...
  17. Sariss

    Wooden box or glass terrarium?

    Currently I have placed a shower curtain over the tort table, allowing for proper airflow of course. Humidity is keeping around 80-90 the whole time. We are hoping to make a bigger one in the coming months and properly treat the wood.
  18. Sariss

    Humidity Tips!

    I have a wooden tortoise table so it has a HUGE open area. I covered it with a shower curtain, to allow for airflow. Humidity is consistently at 75-80 now.
  19. Sariss

    Humphrey our newly acquired tort

    Welcome! That's my red foot's name. :)
  20. Sariss

    The rest of my zoo

    Humphrey's table is ontop of our dining room table (that we don't use), so the dogs haven't really seen him. Wembley is quite the terrier and no doubt would immediately try to kill him. Both dogs saw him once when I was soaking him and Wembley was quite intense. I think Apollo thought it was a...