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  1. Rynan

    Russian Tortoise to Rehome in NYC area

    Great eaters, small torts, big personalities
  2. Rynan

    Looking to rehome

    I think they look scrumptious, but I'm bad at seasoning so I'll settle for loving them.
  3. Rynan

    Cleaning ReptiBark?

    I know for smaller lizards, I tend to mix in soil and cococoir with the reptibark and dump springtails and isopods in there. I also make sure I layer a good inch of Leca in the very bottom, then fiber screen, a layer of lump charcoal without any lighter fluid, another mesh layer then I put all...
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  5. Rynan

    Emergency please help!! Tort without heat

    Coolers are pretty good for insulation. That plus tom's hot water bottles and rags. You can get some ideas from people's makeshift incubators.
  6. Rynan

    Tortoise adoptions

    Would recommend using a local pet adoption site as well. Always see rescues and dog pounds take tortoises every now and then. They almost never know what to do with them or how to care for them.
  7. Rynan

    Dog attacked baby sulcata. Help!

    Nice. Idk why but the injury seemed serious but didn't seem deadly to me.
  8. Rynan

    Are the ESA letters from pettable the real deal?

    Yeah, it's in SoCal
  9. Rynan

    Are the ESA letters from pettable the real deal?

    Yeah, but it seems like the board memebers are retired older ladies with a lot of free time amd a newly proposed fine system, refusal to pay any fines could also result a lien on the property. I'm at a loss of words upon hearing it. They could hire an HOA attorney with everyone's money. But she...
  10. Rynan

    Are the ESA letters from pettable the real deal?

    No, it is not specifically targeted at her. It is targeted toward few of her neighbors who left their dog out unsupervised. But this addendum will ultimately give them the power to target anyone of their choosing which is ridiculous. The funny thing is her therapist offered to write her a letter...
  11. Rynan

    Are the ESA letters from pettable the real deal?

    My friend's HOA recently decided to really amp up the limitation on pets. There are apparently 5 ladies out there that don't really care about dogs. Anyways, long story short, she never thought of getting an ESA letter for her dog before because she owns the property, works from home, and the...
  12. Rynan

    Mosquito spray that's safe

    Apparently we have a situation with Aedes mosquitoes in SoCal. Want to spray them down but don't want to hurt the turtles, torts, cats, and dogs. Any recommendations?
  13. Rynan

    Isn't this too much fruit???

    Oh, I think there are baby sulcata asmr videos of them eating fruit. It'll drive you mad.
  14. Rynan

    Isn't this too much fruit???

    Just out of curiosoty. What about watermelon rinds as a snack?
  15. Rynan

    Slight concern but staying positive

    Yeah, I do it once a week actually. He/she does get sun daily
  16. Rynan

    Slight concern but staying positive

    That's not my post
  17. Rynan

    Slight concern but staying positive

    Been a while but here's an update. Lime House grew another half inch. Switch him/her to a big hutch with compressed coconut substrate, P planted bermuda seeds and he/she is thriving. Seeing nice growth lines and shell is becoming hard. Really don't like the calcium powder stuff tho. The head...
  18. Rynan

    Please read! trade sulcata for RF

    I think he's getting a better job and keeping a sulcata
  19. Rynan

    Dry skin on adult rf

    Yeah, I like to rub coconut on them about once a month, they do look a lot better.
  20. Rynan

    Dry skin on adult rf

    I recently adopted a 15 yr + rf. Not exactly sure on the age. When I picked him up from the shelter, he was extremy dehydrated. I've been soaking him twice a day for a month. His neck and other areas became smooth and black. But his face and 4 feet are still a bit white and dry looking. Whatelse...