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    Venezuelan size

    In Pritchard's Turtles of Venezuela, he states the largest RF (at the time) was a Venezuelan. (old article)
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    A New Update on red foot types

    There are yellow-only RF's from a particular area of Colombia. There are also 'normal' RF's near by. The orange ones may be interbreeding between the two populations.
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    How would a tortoise feel about their food god undergoing hormone replacement therapy? opposed to the male women or female men? j/k
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    Yolk sac question

    If you are hatching these, do not bother the eggs for several days before you expect them to pip. The most common reason I have encountered is too much commotion while the eggs were hatching.
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    PH of tortoise urine

    Have you calibrated your pH meter (or test strips)? A pH of 5 seems inordinately low.
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    Beautiful day and some random pictures

    It's not a yellow Cherry head. Those are from a particular area of Colombia. They are being farm-raised (along with the normal form) as wild-capture is illegal there.
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    Tiny red bugs on flavo carapace???

    Almost certainly mites. I've not seen them congregate on tortoises before but a little mild soapy water sprayed over them will almost certainly rid the tort of the 'infestation'. You can also use diluted flea/tick shampoo made for cats & dogs - 1 tbsp per gallon should do the trick. You can...
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    Off topic: Experts: Humid vs. Dry

    That has little if anything to do with it Yvonne. I let that one die on the vine as I have little inclination to spend the time & effort necessary to put a cogent coherent reply to it and then convolve it to something acceptable in today's mamby pamby my feelings are hurt vernacular. I am...
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    Off topic: Experts: Humid vs. Dry

    I'm out, again. It seemed as if TFO had 'matured' a little since my last departure but I stand corrected. And, I know, no loss...
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    can some have a look see if egg looks ok please

    OK, that's good. In many cases, a blue-green cast in/on an egg means a Pseudomonas sp. has begun to grow - not usually a good sign. Otherwise, the egg looks OK at this stage. If you are concerned because it differs from the other eggs, you could separate it to another container. Was the...
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    Red skin on red eared slider

    I think you have a rather colorful RES that is coming of age. Unless it changes radically from what it is towards unhealthy looking, I would not be concerned. It may become even more red as he matures.
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    Pretend Chat 2.14

    Please, oh please! Do NOT go there!!
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    Pretend Chat 2.14

    As attractive as that may be, I still prefer the female bikini fashions more. :eek:
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    Pretend Chat 2.14

    No argument there, sir! Even as a biologist, my purely scientific perspective appreciation of the definitive mammalian characteristics is shared with you.
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    Pretend Chat 2.14

    Ken, there isn't as much difference as you may think. I could get biologically accurate but I'll leave that to the "I wanna know more" crowd.
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    Yellow squash

    Wow! Unheard of in my group. They fly across the enclosures to get it...
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    9 mo. marginated won't eat

    What are you offering as food? What is its general behavior? Hiding, basking, roaming, etc.
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    can some have a look see if egg looks ok please

    Is the bluish area a mark you put on the egg?
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    Weed ID

    It looks like a thistle of some sort to me. Not a dandelion variety with which I am familiar...