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  1. AliciaM1386

    Our RF successful wellness visit

    So yesterday I took our red foot to our reptile veterinarian and she has come back with a clean bill of health and we found out our tort looks to be a girl!
  2. AliciaM1386

    Hello from Boulder, Colorado

    Thank you I’ve been using a thermal ray gun to measure the temperature and I already changed the water bowl to a drain tray they you use under a ceramic flower pot. And I most about three times a day but the plexiglass is a good idea.
  3. AliciaM1386

    What to Name our RF

    I have a lot of favorite characters but that's good idea maybe writing them all down and then narrowing them down. Bexley that's a unique cute name
  4. AliciaM1386

    Hello from Boulder, Colorado

    This my current setup its an aivituvin tortoise house. I'm using forest floor and sphagnum moss to help create higher humidity, I'm using a dome fixture hanging above the enclosure from an adjustable lamp stand with a 100w basking bulb, a T5 UVB linear bulb. In the evening I have a CHE that is...
  5. AliciaM1386

    What to Name our RF

    That's what I'm thinking so far I've seen it be curious, adventurous and has this go getter kind of attitude. Since it's only been 5 days since the little cutie has arrived.
  6. AliciaM1386

    New Owner Show-and-Tell!

    Still figuring out the perfect name this little one arrived this week on Tuesday but I have been in hovering mom mode making sure this little cutie starts off on the right foot for a healthy fulfilled long life.
  7. Red foot Tortoise

    Red foot Tortoise

    hatchling red foot tortoise has arrived from Tortstork
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    After being unboxed
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    Adjusting really well
  10. AliciaM1386

    What to Name our RF

    I feel like figuring out the name for an animal can be the most fun but also the hardest part too. So my husband wants to name him Dozer if it is a boy. But I want a more unique name some of our other animals names are Kitana, Raiden, Piccolo, Vegeta, Sonya, Merlin and Lyra. Curious to hear...
  11. AliciaM1386

    Hello from Boulder, Colorado

    Thank you everyone our red foot arrived from Tortstork at 9:15am on Tuesday this week. This was after I had opened the box it came in and soaked it in lukewarm water for 15 minutes. Today it finally ate collards and little bit of the slice of strawberry and it pooped. I have setup a wellness...
  12. AliciaM1386

    Hello from Boulder, Colorado

    Thank you I will check them out
  13. AliciaM1386

    Hello from Boulder, Colorado

    Hello everyone! My name is Alicia and my husband, Kevin and I have talked about owning a tortoise for over 4-5 years. We currently own other species of reptiles both desert and tropical ones. We have been doing a ton of research and have finally decided on adding red footed tortoise to our...
  14. AliciaM1386

    Looking for Red foot tortoise in Colorado

    Hi, I am looking for a red foot tortoise willing to drive and pick up if the tortoise is in one of the near by states.