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    Thanks for all the responses. So general consensus seems to be warmer regardless of tortoise activity. Wellington - I would have assumed the same regarding finding 75 too cold but I think it's because his water bowl is near his basking light he tends to sleep close to his water bowl...
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    My baby sulcata is in a closed chamber enclosure with temps of 95 under the basking light and 75 down the cooler end and would just sleep most of the day near the basking spot. When I did a spot check yesterday I forgot to totally close up the chamber (there was no risk of escape) but I only...
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    Worst species?

    My worst has got to be Aldabra purely for the selfish reason that I don't have enough land to keep one (...or three)! I would love to keep an Aldabra and be there as it matures and they are so nice to look at but it would be unfair on both me and the tort.
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    Arcadia 100w d3 bulbs

    I use the 85 watt version. Have only used them for a month but so far they are very consistant with heating and seem to do the job. I don't really know what else to add.
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    Any sulcata owners in the UK?

    For substrate I use the equivalent of coco coir but it goes by a different name I've got some spare bricks around here somewhere and I'll write the exact brand when I find them. Lighting, I use the arcadia heat +UVB/A + D3 all in one bulb. It's great for heating I have basking temps of 95 and...
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    Any sulcata owners in the UK?

    Hi I didn't realise there were so few of us! I'm from the midlands and have had my sulcata for almost 6 weeks now. Sorry to hear about your previous sulcata. I also keep russians, hence the name. Nice to meet you two.
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    Upside down sulcata

    My sulcata is endlessly flipping himself even with obstacles removed he finds some way to do it and always gets back up. I've only had to help him up three times. I do worry that he may do it when I'm not there, or under his heat lamp or something but right now he seems very capable of helping...
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    Any sulcata owners in the UK?

    I'm also fairly new to sulcatas but from the UK.
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    Anyone else keep crabs? (I have questions regarding feeding and housing)

    Thanks for the replies it seems they are very versatile creatures and I haven't yet found a uniform way to keep them, so at least I'm not doing anything wrong! Mines set up in a tank with about 3" of water and plenty of rocks and a turtle dock to lounge around on. He seems to spend most of his...
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    Well hello there!

    Sorry for the duplicate photo at the end. Don't know how to remove that.
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    Well hello there!

    I've been on here for a while but have never gotten round to introducing myself, or my torts, so here goes. You can call me T or RussianRoulette either is fine. I'm from the UK. I love animals, film, music anything creative really. If you have any recommendations for obscure films or music I'd...
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    Hi there I can't offer you anything but was just curious as to what you consider 'young' is in tortoise years?
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    Anyone else keep crabs? (I have questions regarding feeding and housing)

    Specifically rainbow crabs, although I'd appreciate input from any former, current or potential crab keepers and enthusiasts. I've recently a acquired a rainbow crab to my menagerie and he's settling in nicely. I did a fair amount of reading before getting him on forums and care sheets but...
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    Hermann's tortoise nipping himself

    I'd say nothing to worry about generally as two of mine that did it grew out of it although I'm interested to see what other forum members say. However if he has created an open would and is not giving it a chance to heal there's more of an issue. I would take it to the vets personally but maybe...
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    6 month old horsefield tortoise

    They should certainly have access to water at all times, a shallow dish so they can sit in it as well as drink from it. Vivs are not recommended, I'm sure someone else here will advise you how to house the little one.
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    Very ill baby russian tortoise

    Hope the little guy pulls through. You're doing a great job.
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    Baby hatching out of the egg !!

    Only 3" at the moment and I'm moving out in October so they might not find out, either way they'll be fine with it because they love animals.
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    Baby hatching out of the egg !!

    Congrats on your first! It's adorable, fingers crossed for the other egg. I have the exact same thing with my parents at the moment they're unaware I have a sulcata, guess it won't go unnoticed for long! Haha
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    Getting a sully!

    Thanks, I did lots of reading (those included) before bringing him home. Is it true they don't get shell rot? I'm currently keeping the substrate very moist, high humidity and bathing daily.
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    White marks on shell?

    Thank for putting my mind at ease.