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    New camera.. new "NOSE" pics

    That would be most of us Terry. Also I have a great read on how to take photos of black dogs that might help some with their mostly black torts. Spray with a light mist of water just before shooting as its the light reflected that you want. And catch lights in the eyes. Anyone like it posted?
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    Different state to state and Vet to Vet. In Billings MT my Vet sees any new patient (cat-dog-bird-tortoise) for exams free. The test cost as normally and we just did a fecal. What other test do folks do ?
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    Worth a look see. Know thy enemy. Crows also come in many sizes. Those on the left coast of the USA are very small. Those in WY are bigger then most Ravens. I still wish I could remember the name of the teacher in Plato's time that was killed...
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    Lets just say a large Golden would be hard pressed to pick him up. Although I have seen them manage a good size Jack Rabbit. The eyes might be a problem however. Almost all birds could go for the eyes and your Sulcata may look more like a bird setting on a rock to your Falcon. This time of...
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    Just a thought... See it, say it, spell it. On this page you need to scroll down a ways to hear[hr] I liked this part, on myths Chelone by Micha F. Lindemans A nymph who was turned into a turtle because she ridiculed or refused to attend the wedding of Zeus and Hera. For...
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    Bob sick?

    Begs the question on these big guys, How do you get them to a Vet? Then does anyone go with Chinese thought? I mean giving the tortoise a tonic at the change of each season? My two will get the herbs from the family chicken soup. tj
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    Little Tort saved Most will have read this at some time. For others the link above of the young girl makes my stranger the fiction link. tj
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    Also a great way to learn Am English.
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    Stagger eats mushrooms and poop.

    Why a "turd "? Already digested so I cat eat more of other things, can you say Activa. Plus I know where I have been:))
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    this egg looks fertile

    Makes you understand why Darwin decide there was a God in his later life. Like Him I can't watch this without wonder. Knowing I alone couldn't dream up this tiny creature. Thank you for sharing. tj
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    Who had torts while young?

    OK, I am crying now
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    Does it get any cuter???

    I have got to say the only kids cuter would be mine. tj
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    Bubbaloo's New Palace

    I like the digs. As to living with your parents-- I think it perfect. Just fix your own space and fix your parents a space, then a common area, usually a food area. Sure works for lots of others in the world. They can't understand why we don't live in family units? I live with son David, as...
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    Who had torts while young?

    OK, One more post on this subject. My sister-in-law taught first grade in LA, CA. She had the perfect class room pet. This must have been in the early 70's. When she started teaching, she brought in her childhood pet, a 17 year old California Desert Tortoise. She loved it because for the...
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    Who had torts while young?

    I almost did when we lived in TX. Daddy never said No, but he thought I should know just what their favorite things were so they would be happy living with us. He loved research and passed that love on to me and all of those who came after me. First we got the encyclopedia out. Then off to...
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    Tortoise Ages

    Man the big guys takes your breath away. tj
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    Misstreated Tortoise

    Yes I am VERY glad you now have her, really. Remember there were good things in her life and 'keep' some of them in place. Unlike most of the tortoise we read about her weight seem to be good. Maybe this was do to your care the last 6 months but in the pictures and your email above she...
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    Funny Story

    OK, LOL but with you of course. But a real question comes to mind for all of you that have studied them longer then I. Having lots time on the doggie side of the problem, would my never fail little bit of black pepper thrown at the nose area work to make them turn loose? They do have a very...
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    Flapjacks Anyone

    makes you want to give up puppy breath
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    Rattlesnakes ?

    Anyone know about snakes and Tortoise? When outside we watch him close enough to see but not intrude. As our Latino friend seems able to charm his way with pretty much any of Gods creatures (remind me to tell you how he managed to talk a ground nesting bird into letting him have just one of...