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    I'm new!

    Def a bird, cat, dog, small animal, and reptile lover! I don't discriminate :o) Glad to be here!
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    I'm new!

    I'm Sarah :D
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    I'm new!

    Yes, indeed. I've always been a bird watcher, but even more so as of late since I'm stuck home with my small children a lot! I have a lot of feeders....but I used to (and will again) do a lot of hiking and such.
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    My Gimly

    Pic of my kids with my tort last summer. Had to share!
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    place for listing/looking for animals that need homes

    I recently started a FB page to try and help animals. I was inspired by a "Lost Dogs of Wisconsin" page that I get posts from. I am a big lover of reptiles , birds and small animals as well so I want to involve all types of animals on this page. It's very new, but if you are on Facebook...
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    I'm new!

    Hi there. I'm new here. Just popping in to say hi and see what interesting things are going on in the world of torts! I've done a bit of rescue in my time and work at a vet clinic. Currently I have 1 10yr old leopard tortoise, a 15 year old bearded dragon, a 17yr old leopard gecko, a 18 yr...