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    UV lights

    Will an alluminum clamp fixture support and UV 150 watt bulb for reptile shell growth. Any advantage in having the long Light hoods (vrs the round clamp lamps) Never had to consider such things in the winter in Hawaii. It's for a baby herman so i don't want to bake him. Thank you, jojo
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    Please help

    How is your nutritionally challenged tortoise doing? It must be so hard when 99% of normal produce is not easily available. It presents a unique chance for you to educate some of us back here in the states. Some kids or old timers there might have insight to some of the natural weeds and plants...
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    Please help

    RE: Please help-table
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    Western Hermann's vs. Eastern Hermann's Discussion thread

    RE: WESTERN HERMANN'S TORTOISE vs. EASTERN HERMANN'S TORTOISE Wow! Your differentiation page was better than anything I've seen in currently printed turtle manuals. Thanks-jo
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    Hello, everybody:

    Hi. My name's, "Jo Jo" and currently I have 3 tortoises: An Eastern box named: "DigaDiga" A Greek named: "Girlie Girl" A baby Hermans named: "Little Lee" We hailed from Hawaii and moved to Vegas 2 years ago. I've had turtles forever and can't imagine life without them. I'm not good at...