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    Dog attacked baby sulcata. Help!

    i lost a baby redfoot i have a 3 year old now i feel your pain i hope it works out
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    I'm having so much trouble choosing a species. Is this a fair assessment of my options?

    i have a redfoot it is so curious and friendly im amazed every day . even comes over for a pet sometimes while i clean up enclosure
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    Hello from myself and Hermann!

    looks good my redfoot Penny is almost 3 i have a similar set up ill eventually build a bigger one ...good luck i can tell you care
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    Finally a tortoise Mama!

    thats a Great gift ...Beautiful Redfoot
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    Escape artis/Russian tortoise mama in Phila,PA

    i live in Philly too i know space is tough i have a 4x8 enclosure for my redfoot and she is about 2yrs but a teeny houdini too
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    Question about a red foot that is living in my yard?!?

    nice find i love my redfoot they are funny little guys Good Luck !
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    Looking for a tortoise(turtle) specie to buy I need urgent help please

    i have a redfoot i love dearly if u want a smaller one mabey a russian or a hermans tortoise
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    Hey, I'm Penny!

    thanks i have an Old man eastern box i found ingured as a kid a painted turtle red ear slider and a russian tortoise pair with my new redfoot ur collection is a bit better haa
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    Hey, I'm Penny!

    she has in One day !! the breeder i got her from seems like he loves them and spends time with them she is very friendly and curious
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    Hey, I'm Penny!

    yes i have thanks for the kind words she is pretty thanks
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    Hey, I'm Penny!

    thats her closer
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    Hey, I'm Penny!

    im penolope Penny hi i just came today
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    Red foot tort needs help

    i have a 2yr old redfoot u can get a 4' by like 2 1/2' enclosure with a big hide for 100 bucks
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    Live plants for Redfoots enclosure

    yea i was gonna plant spring mix salad for outdoor too i live in Philly so i keep indoors most of year
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    Live plants for Redfoots enclosure

    all the best with plants my spider plant does well im thinking of edibles in spring mine loves dandilions