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    Just fed my Sulcata avocado!! Any suggestions??

    Hello! I purchased a beautiful Sulcata on Craigslist about 1o months ago. It is about 18 inches long! We named He/She OJO and it is super nice and friendly. I have a pen set up in the backyard about 10ft x 8ft with a doghouse and heater light in it. I let Ojo walk around the backyard and eat...
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    First time Sulcata owner from Oceanside, CA!

    Yikes! Good to know. I will replace a wall so that he has no access to the tomato plants. The lady I got the Sulcata from had 4 giant ones that she showed me pics of and always seems to be selling babies on Craigslist. I had asked her about a heater light or pad and she said they were a waste of...
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    First time Sulcata owner from Oceanside, CA!

    Hello! Thank you for the replies. I may have not described Frankie as best as I could have as he is only about 3 inches from front to back. I attached a pic of where I put him during the day. The area extends another 5 feet to the left where there are tomato plants growing. I am planning on...
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    First time Sulcata owner from Oceanside, CA!

    Hello! I got a cute little baby boy about 2 months ago. I was told it was 3 weeks old when I got him. The lady I got it from gave me a bag of food pellets and very little advice. She simply told me to leave it outside during the day and bring it in at night. At 5 inches in diameter, she said...