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  1. cmitch

    Please help sick redfoot

    He won't eat pumpkin I tried I can put it along with baby food in soaks
  2. cmitch

    Please help sick redfoot

    My redfoots been very sick I took him to vet he has res iv given him baytril it's all gone still sick he pooped slimy white stuff today hasent eaten in weeks :( taking him back to vet they did a test before for parasites dident see anything but I don't have the $120 to send feces to lab can they...
  3. cmitch


    Oh great what should I do :(
  4. cmitch


    The vet gave him first shot but I have to give it to him orally I got to make him mad to get him to open his mouth he's going hate me by time this is done :(
  5. cmitch

    Yummy pinkies!

    My redfoot sick if I thought he'd eat one I'd give it to him in 2 seconds but think he's to small to eat one.
  6. cmitch


    I believe name of antibiotic they gave my sick redfoot is baytril anyone know about it?
  7. cmitch

    Sick red

    I think antibiotic is called baytril
  8. cmitch

    Sick red

    Thanks i dident know that [hr] Thanks everyone
  9. cmitch

    Sick red

    Took one of my redfoots Kevin to vet he hasent eaten in long time she said he looks thin :( put him on antibiotics for res infection.
  10. cmitch

    My new baby red foot tort!!

    Congrats :)
  11. cmitch


    I love this so much look at that smile :)
  12. cmitch

    Soaking my babies

    Thank you :)
  13. cmitch

    Congrats Winners! Here are the 2013 Tortoise Forum Calendar Contest Winners!

    I love Sheldon's pic I think I saw it on Pinterest
  14. cmitch

    So smalll.....

    Went to repticon in reno this weekend and it was very small but hey at least tortoise supply was there, the main thing I cared about seeing was torts anyway. My son liked it though I'd like to attend a larger event one day. Only took couple pics one is cherry head I got :) and my handsome son...
  15. cmitch

    RIP terra

    :( so sorry
  16. cmitch

    Which heat better

    Which will raise temp better Che, black, or red light
  17. cmitch

    Soaking my babies

    So cute :)
  18. cmitch


    Repticon Reno nv this coming up weekend so excited will be my first event. Kinda bummed though my parents are taking my son to marine world I wanted him to go with me he would love it sigh. :(
  19. cmitch


    That sucks someone stole my phone not to long ago also had to wait a week to get a new one I was going through withdrawals :p