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    Are you sure it was a barn owl and not a burrowing owl? Most owls are only active at night, whereas burrowing owls are active during the day. Also, most owls roost high in trees and burrowing owls will, like their name suggests, roost in the ground. Either way, as most people have said, your...
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    The little known Florida Defense Agency "Tortoise Sub". Top secret and highly effective at defense of small ponds.
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    What type of tortoise?

    Do a little research and apply to adopted him/her. Here is the link for Arizona Game and Fish on care, may not be best, and how to adopt: There can be fines if you do not register the tortoise, so it is best to follow the...
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    My desert tortoise doesn't mind sharing his home with the native scorpions, we live in Gilbert/Chandler area. We have A LOT of scorpions and in 10 years they have never bothered my tortoise. I wouldn't worry about a scorpion being able to get through the hide of your tortoise. That being...
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    Busted....Mullberry lips

    "Mulberry? No, no. Lipstick, yeah that is the ticket, lipstick. Does this shade bring out the color of my eyes?"
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    What to expect with a male desert tortoise

    Based on experience, I would totally agree with Yvonne's assessment. I have had a male in our family for 40 plus years and has been great companion. No aggression and no "slow dancing" with any lawn ornaments. He has been great and does definitely worship the food god that visits at least...
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    HELP! My Desert Tortoise Won't Eat :-(

    Hello Jenn - Has there been any improvements on your tortoise?
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    Can someone please help me identify the species of tortoise’s I have inherited?

    No, the pyramiding has already happened, but if you soak them it will help smooth the shell out some. There will always be slight raised areas on the shell, but it is not life threatening.
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    Yellowish color on legs

    He actually looks, I know, looks can be deceiving, very healthy. DT are prone to respritory infections, not to scare you, but just watch for him blowing nose bubbles. Based on your other posts, you are soaking him, which is very important for their health. Shell and eyes look good, plus seems...
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    Abandoned hatchling....please help me identify

    I wouldn't worry about cutting up the food. The big tortoise in the sky doesn't cut the food up for his children. As long as they can they can bite into something, they will be able to naturally chop their food. It helps with beak not getting too long, either over or under bite. There is...
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    Yellowish color on legs

    It looks just like shedding of skin. So, normal.
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    Please help! Need good vet recommendation in Phoenix area quick!!!

    I do not know what vet you took your tortoise to, but the one I use is: Avian & Exotic Animal Clinic Address: 7 E Palo Verde St #1, Gilbert, AZ 85296 Phone:(480) 706-8478 They have been great for my DT
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    Hibernation Emergency

    As others have said, just let him alone. Mine was also in my garage, started stirring, so I set him in his outdoor enclosure. I am in sunning AZ so I doubt we will have any freezes. It just sounds like he got a little warm in the garage and grew restless. If you can get to him, tickle a foot...
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    Best DT Plants in AZ

    Mexican prim rose, my desert tortoise loves it and will eat it up very quickly. The plus is that the grow pretty pink flowers, they just don't last long because my tortoise will chow down on them whenever he can.
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    I Think It's A Russian?

    Heavenly, if you really want a tortoise, do some research on here on CDT and then adopt one. They are great pets and worth the effort to keep them. I have had them close to 40 years and never regretted it, just wish I had the type of information that I have now. Not to say other types of...
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    Can Desert Tortoises eat dried Pond Algae?

    I would say it wouldn't hurt, but not sure it would be the best food for a land based tortoise. Without knowing the type of algae, I probably would not feed it to a tortoise. I know some pre-packaged tortoise foods will include algae, but again, not a common food for them. Now turtles, I...
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    How much is TOO much for a Desert Tortoise to eat?

    Don't get too discouraged. I have had my tortoise for about 5 years, although he has been in the family since 1976. During that time, he has had many many things he should not have had, zucchini, corn on the cob and watermelon. It wasn't until this year he really started grazing in the...
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    Growing Weeds for CDT

    Just be sure to keep your tortoise away from them until they get established, else he will gobble them up before they have a chance to really grow.
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    Chips in the butt shell?

    The tortoises from the Mojave Desert are also suppose to have a more round/dome shape whereas the Sonora Desert Tortoise is a bit more flat.
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    Crazy Question - Water Fountain near (not in) DT Enclolsure.

    Another explaination for DT is that they associate the sound of rain with available water and will come running when they hear it. I know mine will rush out of his burrow at the start of a rain here in AZ.