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    What were your "beginner mistakes"?

    I used the bath to soak my not even one year old sully lets just say i think he wanted to be a turtle and go towards the deep end of the tub when i went to turn off my timer and take dinner out of the oven maybe gone 2 minutes lets just say we soak him in the sink now
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    What kind of tortoise?

    It looks like my sully same features!!! are they considered a desert tortoise???
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    Growing food for your tortoise

    Which i can get year round
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    Growing food for your tortoise

    My sully will only eat certain kales i think it's the curly one and spring mix and once a month a little fruit last summer i didn't take him out much because it was a cold summer here in mi and he'll be a year old this summer so id pick some grass for him to eat in the summer but he wouldn't eat...
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    EMERGENCY Placement needed quickly!!!!

    Did you find a placement i live in michigan i have a young sully but i would like to rescue another just wondering his size because my first is to small to be out doors
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    6 year old Sulcata needs a better home!

    Did u find a home?
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    Looking to build a enclosure for my sulcata tortoise

    I got a very nice one off of craigs list for $20