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  1. fifi

    Comment by 'fifi' in media 'Female Albino Redfoot Tortoise'

    soo adorable :D
  2. fifi

    high white leopard tortoise

    hi there nice to meet u all :D im fic im from indonesia, i really in love with leopard tortoise but sadly i cant find any high white leopard tortoise here in my country.. is there any way so i can import or buy 1? please need help and advice thanks
  3. fifi

    Comment by 'fifi' in media 'Okay!'

    aww soo cute so envy never can find leopard as white and beauty as yours here and the shell is soo smooth:<3:;)
  4. fifi

    new member

    hi there tortoise lover! nice to meet u all im fic from indonesia i have 1year old sulcata, 2month and 6month old leopard tortoise. they are livin in my backyard from 7 to 5 and will stay indoor at nite. i really interested to learn more about tortoise so they will stay healthy. need advice soon...
  5. fifi

    love tortoise

    love tortoise