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  1. Rhyno47

    Russian was eaten

    Look up blue herring deterrents. You can purchase a motion sensitive sprinkler that will turn on for thirty seconds when something comes close. Also raccoons cant tear apart a tortoise shell. Maybe a baby turtle or small tortoise but not a russian tortoise. Their shells are fairly thick and...
  2. Rhyno47

    New Radiated

    Where from?
  3. Rhyno47

    Algae removal, should I?

    After I left mine go too long it seemed to be permanently attached. So I would rub it off every now and then.
  4. Rhyno47

    ID please

    Ditto. Common Snappers
  5. Rhyno47

    Color Enhancing

    I bought this product the other day and have started to feed it to my Painted Turtle as well as my Box Turtle. It promises to induce color due to the krill and a few other high color ingredients. Has anyone ever used this before? Does it work...
  6. Rhyno47

    New Food Options

    My Boxie is getting older. A year old in October. She has quadrupled in size and I need to start giving her new foods. What are your favorites / their favorites? Also what is the most available?
  7. Rhyno47

    Meet our new baby Thaqa! *pics*

    Is that a Sulcata care packet on top the enclosure? Is that Isaac's picture I see on the cover?
  8. Rhyno47

    this mornings offering ~ friday

    Looks like a vampire.
  9. Rhyno47

    Kitty Condo!

    looks familiar.
  10. Rhyno47

    Eating rocks

  11. Rhyno47

    boy or girl ? HELP

    Girls, brown eyes.
  12. Rhyno47

    Turtle Identification

    I would say eastern painted too. I have one and the color patterns match. Thats full size so you could do indoor or outdoors. If it is wild caught it will try to run away so dont just make a backyard pond. I recommend a stock tank. Add about a foot and a half of water and stack 2 cinder-blocks...
  13. Rhyno47

    Redfoots at Petco

    There are 2 redfoots at my local Petco. They are just over 4 inches. They are very colorful and have full yellow heads. They have been there for so long that their price has dropped to $109.00. Anyone interested?
  14. Rhyno47


    Im not very sure either. My thought was that since pyramiding only really happens while they are young it has to do with their rapid growth, (primarily sulcatas.) Humidity must somehow keep it under control. If you look at a pyramided shell's inner workings, its very unorganized almost like how...
  15. Rhyno47

    indoor cageless housing

    If only it were that easy. I sometimes let mine roam my room for short periods. Some seem to enjoy it and explore while others only want to hide. But overall they seem to like familiar surroundings. Also leopards like sulcatas need specific humidity and temps which your house wont have.[hr] Also...
  16. Rhyno47

    Hermit Crabs

    I wouldnt have if Sulcatas were omnivores.[hr] Here is the set-up. This shows their hide and how they can climb up on top of Isaac's hide where their water and extra food is.
  17. Rhyno47

    Hermit Crabs

    So I'm going to try to keep 2 hermit crabs in with my tortoise. Hopefully they will clean the enclosure of any food Isaac has dropped, poop, and any other organic material that could mold or stink up over time. I know Isaac is a sulcata but his enclosure is basically a redfoot or box turtle...
  18. Rhyno47

    Is dancing normal

    My thought was that it was a "dont mount me" move. It happens when you touch the carapace at the part where the shell of one tort would rub on another if it mounted the first.
  19. Rhyno47

    water parameters

    I always did shallow water. Twice the shell length deep at the deepest point.
  20. Rhyno47

    URTI please read again, Maggie

    When I got mine it was stressed. I also kept him kind of cool and dry. His nose completely sealed up for weeks and he squeaked when he breathed through his mouth. It was my sully by the way.