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  1. Tccarolina

    My enclosures

    Looks great, well done!
  2. Tccarolina

    Two turtles

    I agree!
  3. Tccarolina


    If the water looks undisturbed (like they haven't been to it), you better set them in it (one at a time) and let them soak. A stressed new box turtle will often ignore its needs and hide, to it's own detriment. If you don't have a digital scale that measures in grams, get one. It will tell...
  4. Tccarolina


    Looks like all eastern to me.
  5. Tccarolina

    Fish Bait Worms Okay?

    I imagine your local bait shops and pet stores probably get their worms from the same places. If you aren't able to find or produce your own consistantly, store bought worms are certainly better than no worms!
  6. Tccarolina

    Fav box turtle

    Easterns, easterns, easterns! Anything others can do, easterns can do better!
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    Why would you not let an obese turtle hibernate?
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    You're making my mouth water!
  9. Tccarolina

    Better late than never...

    Wow, she's finally settled in and proved herself. I bet she starts producing regularly every spring now. Are you confident this is her only clutch this year? Steve
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    Ha ha, colorful little guy!
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    I'd like to see a pic of all your high color females together!
  12. Tccarolina

    Shelly :(

    Sorry to hear.
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    Like em'!
  14. Tccarolina

    Box Turtle

    I'm with emysemys 100%. Absolutely confident the white "j" is dead bone an will flake off. The rest of the discolored area is where it already has. Don't take it to the vet for that. Why would a vet be an expert on paint anyway?
  15. Tccarolina

    Yearling ornate & pregnant wife any real risks?

    My 1 year old son tries his hardest to get my baby turtles. He just wants to see what it would be like in his mouth. We have to try even harder to make that will never happen. On the other hand my 3 1/2 year old daughter was caught with 5 baby Greek tortoises riding in the back of her toy...
  16. Tccarolina

    What is this!?

    Yes it's a cocoon. Probably from the substrate, and dragged into the bowl by your little girls. The wasp or moth that made it is long gone.
  17. Tccarolina

    Yearling ornate & pregnant wife any real risks?

    No turtles in the mouth and you'll be fine!
  18. Tccarolina

    HELP! turtle sleeping all the time, not moving

    Hasn't anybody asked for pics yet? I would like to see how this 3 year old looks. Is she really 3, are her eyes shut now, any nasal discharge? Has she eaten anything yet? Pics will help immensely. Steve[hr] If turtles get sick, they often respond by inducing a fever. They cook in the...
  19. Tccarolina

    t9dragon's Eastern Box turtles

    Maybe she'll double clutch!