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  1. Fernando


    I'm excited. I'll be there!
  2. Fernando


    Is anyone going?? Sept 3-4th NARBC
  3. Fernando

    Shipping Tortoises

    Mainly hatchlings or small meds
  4. Fernando

    Shipping Tortoises

    ahhh i see. Thanks!
  5. Fernando

    after the rain....plenty of worms here

    They look so happy :D Nomnomnom!
  6. Fernando

    Soaking- how long\how often?

    No there are no "Guidelines" per say, it's as often as your Russian drinks to stay hydrated. I don't soak mine that often because they like to soak themselves and drink on their own. Probably once a week...if that. They do just fine.
  7. Fernando


    Birds can sometimes work in packs as well. Depending on the bird type of course, they will work as a team to get the tortoise flipped over.
  8. Fernando

    Is this normal?

    Well that looks like a male. But if he is doing this while he defecates...prolapse? Non of mine have ever had that but I heard something similar happens during that time.
  9. Fernando

    I found boris

    Thank you all for your comments. I have decided to move on...I'm currently in the process of selling my remaining female and looking into Hermanns'. We currently have 1 male Hermanns and looking for another female or two. Thanks again.
  10. Fernando


    haha i imagine her singing while it happens
  11. Fernando

    Shipping Tortoises

    This is for anyone with shipping experience. What carrier do you prefer? Fed Ex? UPS? DHL? Have you had any problems with any of them while shipping your tortoises? Or problems receiving them?
  12. Fernando

    Female Hermann

    Looking for an adult female breed-able Hermann. Please PM me. Thanks
  13. Fernando

    Wont eat mazuri

    I know of a Leopard Hatchling and a Russian that won't eat it. They do just fine without it as long as their diet is good.
  14. Fernando

    After the rain

    I think that's a GREAT idea! :D
  15. Fernando

    Speke's Hingeback babies

    Very good job :D
  16. Fernando

    russian tortoise size?

    That is about as big as he's going to get. Females can range from 6-8 inches. I've heard of some females almost hitting the 10-11 inch mark but it's not common. We have an 8 inch female that continues to grow.
  17. Fernando

    Hello, we're about to buy out 1st Hermann

    We recently acquired an adult male hermann....all I can say is - Awesome - :D
  18. Fernando

    Look what I found! (new picture 8/8)

  19. Fernando

    Dog Poop

    Bad tortoise... Bad! NO dog poop for you!
  20. Fernando

    Chomper's New Home! (Pic Heavy)

    Nice Setup!