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  1. jaketheskate

    Artichoke Dries Out

    I recently found globe artichokes at trader joes and fed them to my Russian. He ate some but when I got home the leaves were like potato chips and to rough for him to eat. Any ideas? Thanks
  2. jaketheskate

    Plants and Gnats

    Thanks, how often do these plants need to be watered after the soil dries outside?
  3. jaketheskate

    Plants and Gnats

    I have been growing some RT seed mix indoors recently and there seems to be a lot of gnats always around them. I often kill lots of them by hand but then more appear the next day. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Jakob
  4. jaketheskate

    Peeing a lot

    My RT has been peeing a lot lately but not the white urates just clear fluid that comes in a burst. Is this a problem? He seems fine besides that with no eating problems and he's been drinking water so I don't know what to think.
  5. jaketheskate

    UV fixture

    Thanks, any other suggestions?
  6. jaketheskate

    UV fixture

    The fixture for my uv light (24" tube) seems to not be working. I got a new bulb and it still won't turn on. Any recommendations for a new fixture?
  7. jaketheskate


    Thanks, is the zilla thermostat good?
  8. jaketheskate


    Ya that's what I'm worried about, how can I keep the temps warm enough for an RT at night
  9. jaketheskate


    If my heat lamp is turned off at night and I see some condensation on the Window, will that lead to mold overnight?
  10. jaketheskate

    Nail Clipping?

    Hi Everyone, Do I need to ever clip my RT's nails? He seems to almost scratch his eye when he wipes his face while eating.
  11. jaketheskate

    Cherryhead tortoise enclosure!

    Is the carpet to help some sort of previous health issue? Otherwise Eco earth coco coir is a great substrate. I don't know if all carpet is the best way to go.
  12. jaketheskate

    Zilla Heat lamp

    I have the tube, thanks tom I will (re)read these
  13. jaketheskate

    Zilla Heat lamp

    Yes it is the dark one. Of course I have the reptisun 10.0 UVB bulb. It's for a Russian so I turn it off at nigh [hr] Would u recommend I replace it with a che immediately?
  14. jaketheskate

    Zilla Heat lamp

    I use a purple zilla heat lamp... I always have is this ok I heard they can be bad?
  15. jaketheskate

    First sprouts!

    Wow! I planted some Russian tort mix from Carolina Per Supply exactly two weeks ago and it's over 4 inches tall now.
  16. jaketheskate

    First tortoise table

    No pic?
  17. jaketheskate

    Sidewalk Lawn

    Ok I won't thanks for all of your tips. :)
  18. jaketheskate

    Sidewalk Lawn

    Can I let my tort walk around on the strip of grass between the sidewalk and the road. Stating the obvious, I will be 3 ft away the entire time. And I won't let him eat the grass because I don't know what it is.
  19. jaketheskate

    Beak on a possible new tort????

    I just put food on a slate rock and when they eat off it the scrape a little bit. Also, mine likes to naw on his log hide and I think it's for that reason.