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    Is it enough to give her sunlight every day but without giving her and pills because I don't want to take a risk or is it obligated
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    Doesn't it have addings are you sure it's safe for tortoises?
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    I went to vets and none of them provided me with animal calcium or vitamins d i tried using human calcium wich unfortunately didn't work for my first tortoise as i was too late so i stopped using it and now yesterday i discovered that my other tortoise gas the same thing due to lake of vitamins...
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    Unfortunately even though I tried everything but sadly that tortoise didn't make it and now my other slightly bigger one is almost facing the same thing that is why she can't bite on things normally and since she is kinda big enough i will try to put her out side in her area that is covered with...
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    She wasn't dropped and her jaw is okay she just cant bite on things probably she needs really soft things to eat she can eat lettuce and she drinks loads of water
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    Hello i have a little tortoise who i have been raising for almost two years and recently she developed a illness wich i am trying to help her and get her recovered but what i noticed is that her jaw became loose and now she can't even bite on a then piece of cucumber plus i have noticed that her...
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    Should I be concerned??

    I have 3 adult tortoises 2 female and one male.the female are noticeabley bigger than the male and none are the same species. Well yesterday i put them three in a tank smaller than the older one so we could clean it. I left them there for a day and when i came to return them in the morning. Isee...
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    Should i be Concerned?

    Hello i have this baby tortoise i don't exactly know how old she is but this is her size compared to my finger its winter and she haven't gotten out a lot and i can't lay my hands on a uvb light. Is it normal that her shell is a little soft underneath?
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    The babies are getting fed 🤭
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    How to make my baby tortoise eat food

    I do live in Palestine middle east and it is a big struggle to find help for them especially my late tortoise which is in peace sadly I tried to get her anything like claucim because she had metabolic bone disease but there was no clinics that helped tortoises and they kept saying that she was...
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    Help me tell what kind of tortoises I have

    Hello, today is a pretty happy day all my tortoises are feed and sleeping so I took photos of them they are the same kind of tortoise and I want to know it so please help.
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    How to make my baby tortoise eat food

    We usually don't use any thing for heating because the room she is out in is quite warm compared to any room in the house plus if it was about temperature why would she try to eat the table
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    How to make my baby tortoise eat food

    I really don't know but maybe Egyptian
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    How to make my baby tortoise eat food

    Hello. I have a baby tortoise which is about a year old and she had been very healthy and eating everyday but one day we got cut out off lettuce because it was out of town so she didn't eat for three days even though through these three days I tried to feed her many things like cucumber and...
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    Question (climbs the walls)

    Hello. I have a baby tortoise in my house since it's winter and she lives in like a fish tank with grass and things, and she is so healthy and moves a lot and eats and one thing she likes to do it sorta climb on the glass like she is swimming on it and since she does that a lot she sometimes...
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    Tortoise poop

    Hello I have a baby tortoise which lives inside, today I was looking at her and she started pooping and she was struggling a little bit so I had to pull it out( sorry for the disgusting topic ) so I was just wondering if it's healthy it also looked like a log maybe. And one last thing during all...
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    Tortoises and lights

    Lights turn on at night but only for six hours and I read that baby tortoises should sleep from 12-22 hours. And she doesn't have hiding places just yet
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    Tortoises and lights

    Hello I have a little baby tortoise who lives inside my house so she could stay warm during weathers like this and we typically stay up till 10-11 pm and wake up at 6 so there isn't much time during the night and lights stay on. So I was wondering that if it's any harm for my tortoise that she...
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    Metabolic bone disease

    Hello so I am doing everything that has been men except keeping them warm at night it is so difficult to that especially that my house is cold most of the time. Is it really hurtful for them?
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    It is so cute. How could you know if it's young to tell if it's a female or male it is so hard for me to tell.