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  1. mainey34

    hermit crabs?

    I had 2 in with my redfoot. I dont think its a good idea. My redfoot would go after the crabs and try to eat them. I had to seperate them.
  2. mainey34

    New Tortoise

    They really need to be kept in seperate enclosures. Soaking everyday twice a day for 15 -20 min. Lettuce and carrots are not a good diet. Try spring mix. Look into mazuri
  3. mainey34

    Let's play.....what's the sex??

    Im going to say you have a male also.
  4. mainey34

    New From Glendale AZ

    He is in Avondale i think, or somewhere close to there. Sorry for the double post. I didnt see the first one. And i knew i posted..
  5. mainey34

    My Diet Plan [baby red foot]

    The grassland pellets are good, i would also suggest masuri. Also i would add more of a variety. They also like sweet potato. Squash. I think your guy will become a little bored with your diet plan. There are many things they can eat. Also be cautious on the eggs. I learned the hard way. It will...
  6. mainey34

    New From Glendale AZ

    Hello and welcome...i am in Peoria. Not too far from you.
  7. mainey34

    Share your red foot pictures!

    This is my adopted child. Ruben. My other two Milo and Trina I havent gotten pics of yet.
  8. mainey34

    Male or Female Redfoot?

    Im going to guess male. Looks like it is getting the " peanut " shape. Also the males do the clucking as a breeding trait. My male is doing it noe and he is looking for a female. But watch for the changes in the mid section. Which will def. Tell you the sex.
  9. mainey34

    New From Glendale AZ

    Hello and are right around the corner from me. Im in Peoria...Glad you are using arizona tortoise compound. Andy is a great guy. He is full of awesome information. And a supporter of this site.
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    New member

    Hello and welcome
  11. mainey34

    First Time Tortoise Owner

    Hello and welcome..
  12. mainey34

    What is the physiology behind pyramiding?

    RE: What Causes Pyramiding Humidity, hydration, exercise, proper diet, natural sunlight are your key factors.
  13. mainey34

    (sulcata for adoption)

    RE: [split] TORTOISE RESCUE NETWORK I guess while i was unable to get on the site i missed something.. why do we have a split on the TRN site???
  14. mainey34

    Red foot eating ?

    Sounds like he doesnt like the bright lights. Try a regular household bulb not the florescent one. The round ones. A 60 watt...i bet that the lights are too much for him. I would also suggest a che..ceramic heat emitter. For nighttime heating. It doesnt give off light. What are your temps?
  15. mainey34

    Red foot eating ?

    When you turn the power sun on what does your redfoot do? It may be too bright for him. That could be why he is hiding? Do you leave it on day and night? What do you use for nighttime heat?
  16. mainey34

    Hello! I'm New Here :)

    Hello and welcome...
  17. mainey34

    Basking vs Ambient Heat

    Unfortunately because it is such a heated debate. And some redfoots bask, and some redfoots do not bask. The answer to your question(since it didn't get answered by the experts) This too will be debated im sure. But as long as you are feeding your redfoot properly. Greens, veggies, protein, etc...
  18. mainey34

    Have you ever paid for the meal of the people behind you?

    Right now i am helping my aunt out, she has stage 4 lung cancer. Her kids basically dumped her off at home to die alone. Anyways, I've been getting things organized for her and. Working with hospice. She still gets around. She told me the other day she was at the grocery store to pick up a few...
  19. mainey34

    Too much soaking?

    I soak all of mine daily. No harm in it.
  20. mainey34

    boy or girl?

    Looks female to me..