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  1. skottip

    South Florida local pickup only tortoise breeding station

    What happened to your tortoises? I am in Hollywood What are you looking to get for that setup?
  2. skottip

    Redfoot Tortoise digs holes 8 days in a row and not laying eggs

    Not as bad as when my male radiated dug a nest! True story!.
  3. skottip

    Wanted : Adult or sub adult Brazilian Cherryhead Male

    Looking for a possible breeder or young adult, I have cash and can also trade for Burmese Stars produced by me. Thanks
  4. skottip

    Best Breeder Burmese Star

    This was tonight. Some holdbacks.
  5. skottip

    Best Breeder Burmese Star

    I will take some tonight when they are getting their bath. :)
  6. skottip

    Best Breeder Burmese Star

    Well, I am honored to be on this list! By far my favorite tortoise. I have some eggs cooking now but I also have some holdbacks from last year that are pushing 100 grams or so. Some just over, some just under. Super smooth with rock hard shells. I also have some larger ones available. Feel free...
  7. skottip

    Burmese star tortoise price

    I am just glad I can sell my babies directly and demand a higher price for them. Smart buyers don't mind spending a little extra for rock solid animals from REPUTABLE breeders. I see people selling Burms produced by someone else with the egg tooth attached!. I see so many irresponsible breeders...
  8. skottip

    How do you know if a breeder is reputable?

    Let me know if you would be interested in getting some Redfoots from me. I literally have some hatching now and I have some yearlings. Tom has some of my Platynota he purchased from me as babies so I am sure he could vouch for me. PM me if interested.
  9. skottip

    Hatched My Third Generation of CB Radiated Tortoises

    Congratulations Bill. You are a pioneer.. And after doing the math, an old one ha ha
  10. skottip

    Smuggled rare Ploughshare tortoises go on display for first time in UK

    Still, no one will trade me one for my left testicle!
  11. skottip

    Sulcata x redfoot hybrid

    Danny Danny, I have 3 adult males "reppards" I think that name is cooler by the way. lol If you are incubating them for female I would be interested in a few. Please keep me posted.
  12. skottip


    OK, Back to the Ploughshares.. All I want is 2 :) I wonder if I am mostly fascinated by them because I cant have them? Something about those big domes..
  13. skottip

    They sure grow fast!

    Tom, my females that produced your babies didn't produce until 8 or 9 years old if I remember correctly. I would be interested in seeing how young they can produce. Its amazing the different growth rates I get too. Some explode and some are just slower starters. One of my females that you have...
  14. skottip


    Its a confused Male. He said hello a few times since that "incident" lol
  15. skottip

    That time of the year. :)

    Hey there Dan, I do keep them outside year round unless it gets cold and wet.(below 50 for a few days in a row) I think I produced babies when my females were around 9 years old. That is actually my smallest laying female. I have 5 other ones that are larger . She is a good girl though and...
  16. skottip

    One day incubation hatchling!

    I was digging up some redfoot eggs one of my females layed yesterday and it appears one of them hatched! Lol Ok, I guess it was just pure luck that she layed this clutch on top of one already incubating in the ground :) Pretty cool regardless!!
  17. skottip

    Caramel albino redfoot

    I was lucky enough to see is as a baby. My friend Doug produced it in S Fl. I was pissed when he sold it. lol
  18. skottip

    That time of the year. :)

    I had a premonition 16 years ago when I bought my hatchlings. :) I was breeding Indians at the time and decided to bypass the Sri Lankens. :) I decided to take the long haul and its so much more rewarding than buying adults. For me anyway.
  19. skottip

    That time of the year. :)

    Thank you very much! Living in Florida I get a good head start on the rest of the country lol