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  1. TortieGal

    new adoption

    I love it when they're not very observant, the things you can get away with! :D
  2. TortieGal

    California Dreamin

    Scruffie looks very happy in his new home. Great story, thanks for sharing.
  3. TortieGal

    Glass half full? or half empty?

    That depends on if I'm filling the glass or emptying it. If I'm filling it is half full if I'm emptying it its half empty. :)
  4. TortieGal

    Amazing tornado survivor

    I really thought this story was amazing two. The one I read said he was on what was left of the front porch. Poor guy went thru a lot.
  5. TortieGal

    Mortimer Update (pics)

    Still available
  6. TortieGal


    They get out most days during the summer. Thanks Tom
  7. TortieGal

    Dale Earnhardt Memorial Worship Room part 2

    You could name the Sugar Gliders Dale and Earnie. :)
  8. TortieGal


    Well my lights are shot time to buy new ones. I was searching around and seen that the 100 watt powersun is on sale at Illreptile for $ 39.95 is this as good as the T-Rex which runs $54.95? Since its getting nice outside and my torts go in there outside pen as much as Oregon weather permitts...
  9. TortieGal

    Sulcata on CL,Medford,Or

    May not be a female to young to tell.
  10. TortieGal

    Russian CL Medford Oregon
  11. TortieGal

    Sulcata On CL

    UPDATE on Sulcata. I hope this tort finds a good home I hate that he/she is living in a shower. :(
  12. TortieGal

    Sulcata On CL

    Certainly weeds out some potential buyers.
  13. TortieGal

    Sulcata On CL

    Eugene, Oregon
  14. TortieGal

    Another Sulcata on CL

    Yes, Eugnene Oregon. Its a beautiful drive. :)
  15. TortieGal

    Found this ad kind of sad

    Very sad. :( I hope he finds a better home.
  16. TortieGal

    Another Sulcata on CL

    Eugene Oregon
  17. TortieGal

    Sulcata's on CL

    I thought there was water in the tank to. I am hoping there in there just to soak.
  18. TortieGal

    Sulcata's on CL

    Cottage Grove, Oregon
  19. TortieGal

    50 year old Turtle

    Pretty old if its true. Hope someone can give it a good home.
  20. TortieGal

    Enclosure is done.......

    I LOVE IT! Now if I can just get my husband to build that. :)