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  1. Sky2Mina

    Indian Star Groooowing

    I haven't been to the forum in years. But here's an update on Luka. She's 10 years old now, around 10 inches long. Big, heavy, beautiful.
  2. Sky2Mina

    Indian Star Groooowing

    Thank you all! I can't wait for her to grow biiiiiiiiiiigger and heaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavier :D It's so cool to compare them to the same object in each picture. I thought reptiles would grow slower :D @CL Moss - those two are insanely beautiful! I love Becky. She is so beautiful, cute and she has...
  3. Sky2Mina

    Indian Star Groooowing

    Hi Everyone! Another year has passed and so I took growth comparison pictures. I love these, because it really make me realize how much she has grown. And Luka has grown a lot. It's starting to get difficult picking her up with one hand - she's big and heavy! So from May 2011 she went from...
  4. Sky2Mina

    The End Of Pyramiding

    I observed this thread since almost the beginning (I think 5 or 6 months into the experiment) and I always awed and owed at these cute torts. I can't believe how much they have grown and how quick 3 years passed by. Needless to say, they are beautiful. This thread inspired me to raise my star in...
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    Tortoisemustache! Bawahahaaha, awesome!!
  6. Sky2Mina

    She can't hide it from me!

    Ohhhhhhhh, that grumpy lil face is like i just lololooooove tortoise!!! Cutest <3
  7. Sky2Mina

    Luka's Growth Update (Indian Star Tortoise)

    Thank you :D I love her to bits... don't think she likes that though. Haha.
  8. Sky2Mina

    Luka's Growth Update (Indian Star Tortoise)

    She's far too young to have a boyfriend!! :p (I live in Thailand anyways, so no chance, haha). I'm not sure about the age. When I got her I was told she *might* be around 7-8 months old... which would make her about 1 3/4 years old. But there are no reputable breeders here (unfortunately), so...
  9. Sky2Mina

    Luka's Growth Update (Indian Star Tortoise)

    I'm totally happy with her being a girl. I just thought the name would be prettier on a male... but I'm flexible. :D :tort: It's so great finally knowing! She's really the best pet I've ever had! Thank you both for your knowledgeable insight and explanations. :)[hr] Oh, and I can finally change...
  10. Sky2Mina

    Luka's Growth Update (Indian Star Tortoise)

    :D thank you! I'll tell everyone that she's a girl. People (that I tell about my pet occasionally) have been asking me if she's male or female and always looked at me kinda strangely when I said that I don't know (and then had to explain that you can't know until they get bigger). :tort:
  11. Sky2Mina

    Luka's Growth Update (Indian Star Tortoise)

    BTW, is it "sure" that she's a girl? Or might it still change? The short stubby tail is the major give away, correct? Anyone care to explain how to tell? I'm excited now :) I remember the group picture of your Sri Lankan Stars, Neal. You have some of the most beautiful stars I've ever seen!! :)...
  12. Sky2Mina

    Luka's Growth Update (Indian Star Tortoise)

    Oh, quick answers. Seems I have to stop calling Luka a "he"... oh noes! I hoped for a male. Haha. But I knew this could happen and that's why I've chosen the unisex name. :) Thank you two, hearing that she's looking good makes me pretty happy!
  13. Sky2Mina

    Luka's Growth Update (Indian Star Tortoise)

    Hello Everyone!! I haven't been really active in the past few months (one reason was that the tortoiseforum was blocked at my work... probably because it's linked with facebook somewhere ;) but not anymore!). Luka is doing great. Just recently I went home for 3 weeks and when I came back...
  14. Sky2Mina

    My favorite Burmese Star:

    I can't wait until Luka grows up to be a sizeable 'speedbumb'... when they're that small they feel too fragile! But yes, they are the cutest when they're small and this one is especially cute and tiny!!
  15. Sky2Mina

    I picked up River today!

    Sorry to push up an older thread... but I just had to say how cute they were!!! I love "Becky" as a tortoise name... so feminine and cute. :) Hope she turns out to be a “lady” and not a “lad” ;)
  16. Sky2Mina

    Lets See Your Stars!

    I agree 100%. I read everywhere tha they are pretty boring and it kept me from getting one for quite a while! But eventually I got one and I can’t say he has as much personality as any other tortoise (I guess)… if not more! Luka isn’t shy at all (though scared at times) and will eat out of...
  17. Sky2Mina

    "STARS maintained"

    Wow that's a nice group! You kept them for 8 years? How much did they grow in that period? I think my Luka grows quite quick (for a tortoise that is). Like I just went on a three weeks holiday and when I came back Luka looked bigger and was definitely heavier… he gained almost 300g and about...
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    Nice radiated! Where are you from & where are you located? I'm guessing Japan ;)
  19. Sky2Mina

    Ion follow up tomorrow

  20. Sky2Mina

    Glamour shots

    It's not cute... he owns this "bathtub" like a boss!! :cool: ;)