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  1. laurallaura

    New herman home!

    My two little babies finally have their new home! They stayed up two hours past their bed time just to explore! What do you guys think? :D
  2. laurallaura

    Hide and seek

    After four hours of searching for Dave, Trevor finally gave up hide and seek and headed off to bed
  3. laurallaura

    How much should a baby Herman eat per day

    I've got two 18 month old hermans myself and I was advised by the breeder that they should be putting on around about 5 grams a month. As for him not eating, I'm not sure. Maybe he's a very fussy eater! Haha I know mine don't like watercress because it can taste quite peppery and they hate the...
  4. laurallaura

    New Sulcata owner from Tampa

    What a very lucky, and handsome boy!
  5. laurallaura

    They've finally arrived!

    After a long 2 month wait my two, 18 month old Herman tortoises are finally home! [22/12/11] they are only in a temporary home for the moment until their new one is built! thank you for all the help with names but the final decision is to call them Tin tin and Dave (let's hope they grow up to...
  6. laurallaura

    Photos of my Hermans!

    Just been to visit my two 16 month old Hermans i should be getting just before christmas! a few of you were asking to see photos so here they are! :D
  7. laurallaura

    What questions should i ask the breeder..?

    Thank you so much, all your comments were really useful and i've just got back from visiting my little torts now. I'll upload photos shortly!
  8. laurallaura

    What questions should i ask the breeder..?

    Im a first time tortoise owner and I'm going to visit my two 16 month old Hermans today at the breeders house. We aren't going to be collecting them for another few weeks but I was wondering wether there were any questions in particular I should be asking..?
  9. laurallaura

    Searching two gender neutral tortoise names

    Within the next month I'll be collecting my two 16 month old Hermans only one problem... I need help with some gender neutral names. Any ideas?
  10. laurallaura

    Mixed gender siblings? Help!

    Thank you so much for all your advice! Its really put my mind at rest. My name is Laura. I'm from the South west of England ;)
  11. laurallaura

    Mixed gender siblings? Help!

    We are just about to purchase Two 16 month old Hermans from a local breeder however as they are so small their gender can't be determined yet. They are siblings although I'm worried i'll end up with two boys or a boy and a girl. Will this be a problem with fighting? and could they inbreed? I...