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    She is a he. He is old. I think it’s oils from my hand from petting
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    Looking to teach. Any ppl interested?
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    I’m gonna stop ppl poaching. Stop pet shops. And. Make ppl wait. Pay a breeder

    I’m gonna stop ppl poaching. Stop pet shops. And. Make ppl wait. Pay a breeder
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    Ty. U make it all worth the effort

    Ty. U make it all worth the effort
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    Contact me. New England. Biggest turtle n tortoise pic ever
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    Don’t always bite to be together
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    I did that at 43. Now 47. I threw away the door. He mastered it. I’m n to empathy. That’s easy. Pets. Ppl. Want to be treated with kindness. Even cold blooded friends can love.
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    Is this a good routine for my russian tortoise

    My advice. Huge non glass enclosure. Play n talk daily. Balance diet with TNT supplement. Regular exercise and soaking. Stimulus is important. More happy they are. Live long long life
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    30 years of love
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    Strange Find

    Baby. Alligator snapper in Ct. WTF! No water near. In a circle of dead rats. Boy is he lucky I found him. He eats. Poos. And is pampered by me. I don’t think he was an abandoned baby pet. He was hatched in Quinnipiac River. CT. He is far from the South. Idk. But. I do know we are lucky to...
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    Found ghetto. New Haven. Surrounded by dead rats.
  14. Duckster RT

    Strange Find

    Alligator snapper found in ghetto of New Haven.
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    Basic care.

    I have had my tort since I was 15. I have been hated on. Criticized for taking him to the vet for routine check- ups, and his oversized bill. ( which he had since day one). Thus his name Duckstser. He has been loved and cared for to the utmost of my ability since I was a teen. He is so healthy...
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    In Memoriam

    Thanks for your contact. Best wishes into the future
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    I love ppl that cuddle with their tort’s
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    Yes. I do house calls. When I see someone mistreating a reptile I inform them about proper care. I really dig in. I wish pet stores would stop selling reptiles in the stores. Like a candy bar. They should have to wait. Just anything to help.
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    Check up with the neck up.

    I will look to see what is near me. Thanks