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  1. g4mobile

    3 little platynota

    What a beautiful tortoise. Congratulations!
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    Very pretty. Keep posting as they grow! We need more elongated tortoise owners here at USAM.
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    New Addition to the Family

    I was told my baby Elongated Tortoise "Palmer" hatched in April 2023, so he/she is 1yr old this month and I've had this little one since June. Smooth growth and has a wonderful appetite. This species has a very bold personality, which I love.
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    New burmese stars

    Start soaking them each day 30min or longer. Get their diet in check. I know you have two other tortoises and just making sure you read this information from @Tom
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    Girl or Boy?

    Female. Pretty tortoise!
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    Meet Peanut

    I am a new Elongated Tortoise owner and this is great information. Thank you. Mine rams me when I'm changing things around in his/her enclosure as well. They are such a cool species.
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    Our Star is here!!!

    My male started flashing around 500 grams.
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    Meet Peanut

    What a beauty! I have a 5 1/2 y/o Burmese Star and 6 month old Elongated tortoise. Their diets are pretty much the same and I'm feeding different weeds, grasses, hibiscus leaves and flowers (especially roselle hibiscus). I also feed Mazuri 5M21 original tortoise diet as a supplement. Your...
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    Comment by 'g4mobile' in media 'A117A19F-32F2-4AFA-BDB1-184C211BE9CD.JPEG'

    Very round and tiny tail. As I said, it's still too early to tell.
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    Nov 19, 2023 - 5 months and smooth growth
  11. Elongated Tortoise

    Elongated Tortoise

    "Palmer" - Our Elongated Tortoise
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    Nov. 19 2023 - 5 month update since we brought home our elongated tortoise Weight 173 grams. Looks female, but still too young.
  13. g4mobile

    New Addition to the Family

    Growth Update 11-18-2023 5 month update since we purchased our Elongated Tortoise in June. Looking female, but too young. 173 grams and smooth growth.
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    Redfoot Set Up

    Did you read this guide? There's very valuable information.
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    Official introduction of Mojo.

    I found that live plants work best. It's fine to keep them in pots.
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    Meet DuDu (one of three) short term RF male

    We barely see low 50's at night during Winter in South FL and then it will jump to 70's during the day. We got in the 40's at night a couple times last year. My wife dreams of colder weather, but I told her I'm a Florida native and don't plan on ever moving. Maybe further South to the Keys.
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    Do not feed your tortoises fruit!!

    You forgot to mention Indotestudo. I am feeding my Elongated tortoise papaya a couple times each month. They hunt for fallen fruits and flowers in the wild and papaya is most likely a fruit they would eat in nature in Southeast Asia. I would never feed my Burmese Star any type of fruit.
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    Our Star is here!!!

    The new growth looks very smooth. I had the same issue with my male Burmese star who is now 8"+. I think some stars are just prone to pyramiding more than others. I see more pyramiding in males than females, but that is from very limited experience and I'm no expert.
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    New Addition to the Family

    We've had our Elongated tortoise almost 2 month now and thought I'd post an update. He/she is adding weight and doing well. Weight is 72 grams today. It was 58 grams when we purchased in middle June. I have it set up with a pvc closed chamber enclosure, radiant heat panel with Zoomed thermostat...