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  1. Livingstone

    Free Sulcata to a good home

    Living in the North East, weather is too cold in the winter for him to be outside, and our basement is becoming too small to accommodate him in the winter. I am looking for a home further south: SC, FL, etc. with an experienced owner. I would like to rehome him in the spring, around April...
  2. Livingstone

    Livingstone needs a new home

    Thank you, we are in the process of working something out currently, if that falls through I will definitely follow up.
  3. Livingstone

    Livingstone needs a new home

    Thank you
  4. Livingstone

    Livingstone needs a new home

    My apologies, it's a sore subject, and one that has consumed me for the past month.
  5. Livingstone

    Livingstone needs a new home

    With all due respect, this is the option that I am seeking for a variety of reasons. However, since you seem to think that in my 9 years of ownership that I may have somehow overlooked that option let me elaborate. I rent my house in Richmond, I have built no fewer than 5 heated sheds since I...
  6. Livingstone

    Livingstone needs a new home

    Hello TFO, My 9 year old sulcata, Livingstone, is in need of a new home where he can be outside all year round. Currently we are living in Richmond Virginia and the winters are too cold for him to be outside all year round, and he is just too big to be inside for 6 months a year. If you are...
  7. Livingstone

    Cooking in her house

    Does the house let her burrow down, or is the floor solid? If the floor is solid you might want to consider renovating the house and allowing the tort to dig a bit of a burrow. There is an amazing difference in temperature when you go down about a foot into the soil.
  8. Livingstone

    The Odd Couple

    Tortoise probably enjoys the added heat provided by the pig.
  9. Livingstone

    Ha ha ha...My tiny sulcata just RAMMED ME! :D

    Livingstone rammed me while I was raking his pen this summer. It was humorous, he came up along side me and then rammed the outside of my right foot. Once he made contact he kept exerting more pressure against my foot, I decided to keep my right foot still and pivot my left foot out of the way...
  10. Livingstone

    4yo female has strange movements?

    To the Vet for an Xray asap.
  11. Livingstone

    Juvenile shell - how hard?

    Just make sure that what you are feeding the tortoise is not high in oxalic acid/oxalates, these are found in a lot of greens and bind calcium and cause calcium stones. This is an old document but shows you what to look out for:
  12. Livingstone

    Predator question

    I believe that with most reptiles if there is a sight barrier you should be fine. Since both of the predators you are concerned about are reptiles I would probably go about building a small enclosure with solid walls ~ 18" tall. That kind of height should see you through a couple of years and...
  13. Livingstone

    Need urgent help on eye infection for my sulcata hatchling

    Get some terramycin eye ointment for the eye. Get rid of the bulb you are using and get something like a Zoomed mercury vapor bulb. If it's less than $70.00 it's not going to do the job. Remember you are replacing the sun with that bulb, don't cheap out. Follow the directions for the bulb which...
  14. Livingstone

    Aggressive sulcata towards my son? Help!

    Not to put anybody off here, but that is funny. We all know sulcata's love white stuff.
  15. Livingstone

    Head bobbing.

    It's just a sign of aggression, and a warning to another tort. You see this behavior mostly in males during breeding season before they "fight", but like Ascott said there are some pushy broads out there too.
  16. Livingstone

    crack in shell

    It looks OK for a damaged shell. Like others have said they are slow to heal.
  17. Livingstone

    An Hour With Monstro (Photo Heavy)

    He's got alpha male written all over him.
  18. Livingstone

    Bob pictures

    Very nice pics. Thank you for sharing with us.
  19. Livingstone

    Surprise at a run off pond

    Amazing. Especially to see one that large, very nice, and good eyes.
  20. Livingstone

    How are others handling FIRE Ants around outdoor enclosures?

    What Dean said. That's how we handle ants here in RVA too.