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  1. Anthony P

    URI researcher: Spotted turtles in trouble in Rhode Island

    50 out of 2000 isn't really a bad or surprising number. Not only are the other turtles more abundant, but they are easier to see and capture. Which is why I also wonder about a blanket statement that proclaims Chrysemys and Chelydra as more abundant than Sternotherus. They are all much different...
  2. Anthony P

    Mexican Red-Cheek Muddy

    Good lord! She is gorgeous! Very grateful that you shared the photos. She looks young. I'd love to get updates on where she tops out, size-wise. Good luck with her and thanks for sharing.
  3. Anthony P

    Cuora yunnanensis

    Wowsers. If it is yunnanensis it's worth more than my house..
  4. Anthony P


  5. Anthony P


    Absolutely beautiful! I love Podocnemis. Are these vogli?
  6. Anthony P

    Turtle 911 NOW NOW NOW

    I have had similar things happen more times than I would like to admit. Keep an eye on her. I have had turtles appear to recover after an episode like this, just to go downhill again. Like when we hear of second hand drowning in humans. Just saying, this is AWESOME, but you might not be...
  7. Anthony P

    RES with Pink Skin

    I always felt that a certain amount of pinkish skin on the soft parts of Trachemys was perfectly normal, especially when temps were a bit lower than usual. They get a bit rosy in those soft areas, like our cheeks do when we go out in the cold. This is just an observation of mine. Of course...
  8. Anthony P

    Ortilia Borneensis?

    Where are you from? This definitely is not Orlitia. Any reason why you think it might be? I'd love more photos. Judging from what I can see, it doesn't look like Heosemys, either. Looks like a Cyclemys, which, if that is the case, is generally an impossible genus to sort out at this time, as...
  9. Anthony P

    Pelusios Nanus (African Dwarf Muds)

    The ones that I kept and that Gerard bred were from the Congo. There is next to ZERO natural history information on these guys in English, anyway. I exhausted every bit of information, got my hands on pages from rare old books and everything. What you see in that article is just about everything...
  10. Anthony P

    And more Mauremys......

    Thank you :-)
  11. Anthony P

    What kind of turtle do I have?

    Yes indeed :-)
  12. Anthony P


    So happy for you, Charlie :-)
  13. Anthony P


    Maybe in 40 or 50 years.... But not probable, haha. These guys are TOUGH to breed...
  14. Anthony P

    Unidentified Muddy

    This is a tough one. I agree with @CharlieM that it is probably Kinostern flavescens, the Yellow Mud Turtle. Keep in mind also, that the Eastern and Mississippi are the same species and are very similar animals.
  15. Anthony P

    And more Mauremys......

    @harris, as you get good photos of them, please feel free to email them to me. I have just begun preparing a book on the Mauremys genus and would love to include your photos and those of anyone else who keeps Mauremys. You take nice photos :-) My email is [email protected]
  16. Anthony P

    quick ID please

    I would think twice about releasing the RES. They are invasive in both SC and FL, assuming this was in one of those states. I would've let the birds eat him...
  17. Anthony P


    Great points @cdmay! I read just about everything written on spengleri and japonica in preparation for my book, and also interviewed many keepers. Never saw anything about them ever being confiscated here... And I don't mean from someone's collection, I mean even during attempted importation...
  18. Anthony P

    Cool Turtle

    None.. I had been checking a lot more often. Perhaps I need to check again soon.
  19. Anthony P

    The Chances Of The World Changing Documentary

    Can't imagine anyone writing a more accurate and concise summary of this documentary than @Will has here. That was great. This movie really touched me when I first saw it. I really felt for Richard. He is a very intelligent guy who put everything into what he was doing, and I obviously...