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  1. TammyJ

    Found Russian Tortoise in Brookfield Illinois

    Welcome to the forum. All the right advice is being offered, so stick with us!
  2. TammyJ

    Habitat for Baby red foot tortoise

    Absolutely wrong advice, sorry.
  3. TammyJ

    Habitat for Baby red foot tortoise

    Moving right along just fine, great advice and help offered! Lucky tortoise!
  4. TammyJ

    New Tortoise mama! Info Please

    Great advice! Take it all in and give your tortoise the best chance to thrive in your care! Good luck!
  5. TammyJ

    Meet Fred

    Of course!
  6. TammyJ

    Meet Fred

    The top soil is never a good choice for any tortoise. Who recommended it? It often contains harmful stuff that will cause your tortoise problems if he swallows it! Please use the orchid bark! Sorry but that's just the truth and everything we say here will make all the difference to how your...
  7. TammyJ

    Meet Fred

    Welcome to the forum! You've been given really essential advice. Please try to follow it all for the health of your tortoise! Thank you!
  8. TammyJ

    Help with baby sulcata

    Welcome to the forum. You are already on your way to a big improvement in the care of your tortoise! Very good and vital advice has been offered. Go for it.
  9. TammyJ

    Need help re: desert tortoise

    You're falling for him, aren't you? I sure would.
  10. TammyJ

    New tortoise parents

    I think he looks pretty good. Also the white lines mean he is growing, so I understand from experts here!
  11. TammyJ

    a few questions about my new Russian

    Not "iridescent" flood bulb, but rather, "incandescent" flood bulb.
  12. TammyJ

    8 Month Horsfield appears dead??

    I am sorry for your loss.
  13. TammyJ

    What do you do with the rats the sanke doesn’t eat?

    👋 Happy Birthday 🎂
  14. TammyJ

    Cuttle bone being devoured

    Couldn't they possibly choke on the small pieces?
  15. TammyJ

    Shell growing directly down into Tail

    @Tom @zovick , what do you think should be done at this point for the tortoise? And don't you see the pyramids? It seems to be there, and I think that it could be stopped if the conditions that are causing it are corrected now, in addition to the filing down of the shell where it's cutting...
  16. TammyJ

    Tortoises Fighting

  17. TammyJ

    Worried about my turtle

    Wow. Great advice and information! Stay with us and let us know the progress.
  18. TammyJ

    Unidentified bugs in enclosure

    It doesn't look dangerous. Where is the enclosure set up? What's the substrate?
  19. TammyJ

    Tortoises Fighting

    Yes, it's not amusing, and I think anyone who finds it funny should not be keeping tortoises. This demonstrates the actual physical contact fighting, but the constant silent oppression and crowding dominance is so often mistaken for "cuddling".