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  1. Hippytort

    GIANT tortoise needs a burrow, haaalp!

    Here is my Sal's house. I get about a full shovel full every two days. But he eats eat like a pig 🐖. I have a hinged lid on his house . This summer I'm going to build him a new one, more based on Tom's plan. He's been living in this for about 12 years now. I've cut the door openening several...
  2. Hippytort

    GIANT tortoise needs a burrow, haaalp!

    I think you missed his true weight by 100 lbs. He looks huge! Looks a lot, (almost exactly) like mine. My guy is 170lbs weighed last year.
  3. Hippytort

    Beak trim?

    Had to trim my 15 year old's beak once a few years ago. I just hold out a big yellow hibiscus flower (his favorite), Then sneak in with the other hand with a sharp pair of side cutters while he had his mouth open and snip. Repeat for the other side. He didn't even know I trimmed him. He wanted...
  4. Hippytort

    New Sulcata owner with warning

    I'm with them. The mat shorted out. Even without a thermostat it should never heat up enough to catch fire. That is an awesome house and enclosure!!
  5. Hippytort

    Big guy! Anyone want to take a guess at his age?

    Agree with both above. Mine was 4 yrs. old at 20 lbs.
  6. Hippytort

    Found Tortoise ID

    Looks more like a 70 to 90 lb. to me. Looks like a well cared for escapee to me. Someone is missing him.
  7. Hippytort

    Sluggish and sleepy

    I'm in southern CA too. Yorba Linda. I can tell you that my Sal sometimes gets sluggish and inactive for no apparent reason. He was just this past week in his house for six straight days. I check on him daily ,and he looks content (as far as I can tell). Today he came marching out, took a...
  8. Hippytort


    My guy loves it too! That and cactus pads, It's like ice cream to him. He cant eat it fast enough!
  9. Hippytort

    Newie mom, just found tortoise

    I really hate to say this Debbi because I get that your getting attached to the little fellow and investing in his health and happiness. BUT, you have to consider that someone maybe missing him/her and is heartbroken over loosing it. With that said, This reminds me of a similar thing that...
  10. Hippytort

    I had a scare today

    I too live in southern Orange county CA (Yorba Linda to be exact). My question to you is, why not let him come and go as he wishes? I have flaps for the door on my Sal's house He comes out and eats and usually goes straight home when it's cool like it has been. If he comes out at all. His house...
  11. Hippytort

    Concerned about my dogtoise's shell! Beginning separation of the scutes...!

    95F is not hot. Only a couple degrees above normal human body temperature.
  12. Hippytort

    Small crack in beak???

    Looks perfectly normal to me. Maybe some of the experts here see something else. With mine, I have seen cracks, and small abnormalities from time to time. I think it's just the way they eat, they are never perfect.
  13. Hippytort

    Another gender thread

    99% it's female.
  14. Hippytort

    Mary K (warning..long and boring)

    LOL I really hope you are saying that in fun! I was just messing with ya. I actually like your living room. Personally I like seeing a house full of animals! You'll never see animal lovers as mean people!
  15. Hippytort

    Mary K (warning..long and boring)

    Great story Maggie! Glad it turned out good. Only thing is I wonder...did you have your drunk neighbor hang the picture (the upper one on the right) in your living room? lol
  16. Hippytort


    Ray, pretty sure you have a puff ball there. I remember those as a kid we would find them in the garden and break them open and squeeze the brown powder into the air. Great fun! lol The one's we had I remember were about the size of a marble and look...
  17. Hippytort


    Only way to know for sure is to taste it. Just a little! lol
  18. Hippytort

    Help? Sulcata found in the desert

    I agree. Personally I prefer males. I like the large size and don't have to worry about egg laying issues, egg bound etc.
  19. Hippytort

    We just rescued a tortoise, and I need help identifying it’s type and possible age? Thanks!

    Get ready! I was told by Tom he most likely is a Sudan variety. If you have one too, as the weight's your getting indicate, you got a big bulldozer to look forward to. I'm going to do a weigh-in Thanksgiving day, that's when I'll have another strong person here to help me lift him on the scale...