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  1. Duhi

    male leopard tortoise pay top price

    male leopard tortoise pay top price
  2. Duhi

    iso male and female leopard tortoise

    iso male and female leopard tortoise
  3. Duhi

    CB russian tortoise

    i have some russian tortoise from hatching - 5 years .inbox or email me [email protected] i can ship any where in US .im in South CA if you wanna pick up thanks
  4. Duhi

    large female leopard tortoise

    16 inches female leopard tortoise never meet any male . 2200$ very heavy email me for picutures if interested [email protected]
  5. Duhi

    male leopard tortoise

    looking for adult male leopard size 10-15 inches
  6. Duhi

    high white leopard

    i have 6 high white leopard all 1 year old 4 inches . price 300-400$ text or email me for picture 7147836668 [email protected]
  7. Duhi

    looking for greek tortoise

    email me picture and price if you have greek tortoise for sale [email protected]
  8. Duhi

    tortoise for sale

    a pair of elongate tortoise 6 inches = 300$ only + shipping female leopard tortoise 4.5inches , 6 inches (400 , 550) female cherry head 8.5 inches 600 snow leopard babies inbox or email for price email me for pictures. i cant post picuture here (dont know why) [email protected]
  9. Duhi

    3 female leopard tortoise

    2 female 4.75 inches 450$ ea 1 female 6.5 inches 600$ea cant post picture in here email me or inbox for picture please [email protected]
  10. Duhi

    Young female Russian tortoises wanted

    im in Socal i have young nice female for sale 200$ 6 inches
  11. Duhi

    russian tortoise breeding group

    1 male and 3 female breeding group 2 female 7inches ,1 f 6 inches , male 5.5 inches 20-30 per years asking 700$ + shipping
  12. Duhi

    egyptian hatching

    selling 2 babies egyptian hatching , i bought them 3 months ago . now they turn 5 months old .im very busy with work so try to rehome and get my money back 800$ ea , 1600 for boths. im firm . few free to inbox me any question or photos
  13. Duhi

    leopard male

    looking for a good leopard male size 9-12
  14. Duhi

    female greek tortoise

    i have 3 male stay seperate enclosure need looking some female for them . please let me know if you have for rehome
  15. Duhi

    Female Adult Leopard Tortoise

    1700 for a proven female if ok let me know
  16. Duhi

    adult leopard tortoise

    hi im looking for adult leopard male and female let me know if u have for sale
  17. Duhi

    7 year old Sulcata for Adoption

    i am
  18. Duhi

    7 year old Sulcata for Adoption

  19. Duhi

    hatching radiated

    hi everyone . im looking radiated tortoise about 900-1000$ in CA let me know if you have for sale thanks
  20. Duhi

    looking for male sulcata

    hi im looking for a male sulcata 12-15 inches ship to Texas ,houston