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  1. Moozillion

    Space for adult Burmese star?

    Kinda thinking about it. Burmese stars are one of my dream tortoises! I’m torn. 😫 Part of me wants to go for it.😃👍 BUT part of me says: you’re turning 70 this year, you and hubby both have health issues (minor, so far🤞), and are on a fixed income. And then there’s hurricanes. We have a whole...
  2. Moozillion

    Space for adult Burmese star?

    About ow much space does an adult Burmese star need?
  3. Moozillion

    Beautiful wild turtle!

    A dear friend of mine moved to Rinngold Ga, which is almost adjacent to Chattanooga. She saw a box turtle in the woods by her house last year, but couldn't get any photos. The turtle has now come out of brumation and has discovered the delights in my friend's compost pile!!! She sent me these...
  4. Moozillion

    Fisherman hooks 200 pound alligator snapping turtle!

    I wonder how old it is!!!!!!! Can anyone determine the gender from that tail? I know the species has long tails, so it might not be a male?
  5. Moozillion

    I Thought This Was A Sick Joke...

    That carapace is sooooo strange…. i don’t see any scute divisions. Could this be AI?
  6. Moozillion

    Musk Turtle Shell Care Questions

    I agree with Markw84. He’s “da man” for aquatic turtles in my book! I have a canister filter because I also had fish in with my musk turtle, and needed to keep it more clean than for a turtle alone.
  7. Moozillion

    Hey meat eaters and snake fans, what say you?

    Yes! Plenty of gators! They are common road kill when you go down into Cajun country around Houma and Thibodeaux. I’ve visited a gator farm near us- they keep some REALLY big ones for breeding there at the ranch. They also appear in peoples yards after a flood. I forget if it’s the state...
  8. Moozillion

    My turtle drowned, survived, now dead again?

    I'm in Covington. Howdy, (past) neighbor! :)
  9. Moozillion

    I got a new tortoise today!!!!

    I saw what you did there! 😂
  10. Moozillion

    RIP @jsheffield

    RIP Jamie. So sorry to hear this.
  11. Moozillion

    Best floating pond plants?

    I have used pothos and water lettuce, so I’m afraid I have little additional experience to offer.
  12. Moozillion

    HELP! my light fixture fell into the water along with the lamp

    So glad all your animals are ok! FLY RIVER TURTLE??!?! OMG!!!! That’s one of my dream turtles!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Moozillion

    Oh boy!

    Did you give it toYvonne??? But, good thing for me it's gone- I think they're really cute! BUT I still need to get Nelson's 75 gal set up sufficiently for him, and I REALLY want to get my little 3-footed mud turtle, Millie, a 50 gal "lowboy" so she can have more room. So there's approximately...
  14. Moozillion

    My turtle drowned, survived, now dead again?

    So sorry for your loss, rgalpin. It sounds like you gave him a really great life! Hugs from Mooz
  15. Moozillion

    My turtle drowned, survived, now dead again?

    Thank you, KarenSoCal.
  16. Moozillion

    My turtle drowned, survived, now dead again?

    Hi, rgalpin, and welcome. So sorry to hear about your turtle. I had an eastern mud turtle who drowned, was revived, and ultimately had to be euthanized. That's her photo as my avatar. Like you, I found her stuck under a tank object- in this case, her basking platform. She was entangled in a...
  17. Moozillion

    Above-tank basking areas, esp DIY

    Paschendale52- which specific tubing did you use? They’ve got sooooo many…😱 And did you build to set it on TOP of the tank rim, or to sit INSIDE on the rim ledge?
  18. Moozillion

    Help! Blood leakage between the plastron and skin

    AH! I didn't realize you lived in another country. I think your tortoise is very fortunate to have an owner willing to go to such lengths to help it! Wishing you the very best of luck with your tortoise. I will be very interested to hear how it all goes. Hugs from Mooz
  19. Moozillion

    Above-tank basking areas, esp DIY

    Thank you SO MUCH!!!! :)